Millions of Canadians have Teflon cookware in their homes, and we believe they should stop using it immediately.

Cook Culture does not sell Teflon based (or the like) non-stick cookware. Why? There's been growing evidence for years that the chemicals in the non-stick surface cause a whole range of issues in humans, from birth defects to cancer. Just last week the New York Times released an article that clearly lays out the last 70 years of Dupont’s (the makers of Teflon) history. They are at the very beginning of being forced by the courts to pay for the issues that came from the manufacturing and distribution of PFOA, a proven toxic Fluorocarbon (not that they aren’t all toxic, just not all have been proven).  For years and years, Dupont had first hand knowledge that they caused harm to their workers, the population around their manufacturing facilities and their end users (you).

Have a read of this: 

So that we are clear, Teflon is one brand of non-stick coating for cookware, and the biggest in the industry by a long long way. There isn’t a good choice when it comes to chemical based non-stick cookware; it simply doesn’t happen. If you have expensive Diamond or Titanium cookware we are sorry, but it’s just as bad. The non-stick element in this type of cookware is chemical based.

Also, many non-stick manufacturers were quick to change the chemical composition of their non-stick coatings to eliminate PFOA, however what they replaced it with (which is very similar) has not been studied and reported on by an independent third party.

Can we do better? Yes, we can. Cook Culture has been selling alternatives for years. Here are our top picks:

#1 - Don’t buy a new one; that old pan you already have will work just fine. Yes, most of us have one. Either it’s your grandmother’s old cast iron pan, or a cast off stainless steel pan that never worked that well - Have a read of our blog here on how to resurrect your old pans, and stop cooking with Olive Oil!

#2 - Rolled Iron - There are a few great brands on the market; we carry de Buyer, but also Mauviel makes an excellent rolled pan. Cook’s Illustrated did a great review on these;

#3 - Any Cast Iron, enameled or not. -  We prefer Staub Cast Iron for its design, function, and longevity, but all good quality cast iron will work well for years, Like American made Lodge  

#4 - Any quality Stainless Steel Pan (without a coating) - You probably have one but if you don’t look for something with weight, a general rule of thumb when you’re choosing cookware is that heavy is better. We recommend Sensation Cookware by Zwilling as the best all around cookware for your buck.

We don’t mean to fear-monger and apologize if we’ve created any confusion, however we feel a duty to our customers to inform them of these issues now that there is hard proof. Our retail industry has been complacent, and profited greatly from the sales of non-stick cookware. We call on our suppliers, friends in business and our competitors to get on the right side of history, as no one can plead ignorance any longer. Say no to non-stick.


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