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Chainmail ScrubbersGrey
Sale price$26.95
Chainmail Scrubbers
Scrubbie Pot Scrubber
Sale price$3.95
Scrubbie Pot Scrubber
Ten & Co Sponge ClothTen & Co Sponge Cloth
Sale price$6
Ten & Co Sponge Cloth
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Nylon Pan Scraper Assorted Tovolo
BlackberrySerene Nectarine
Sale price$12
East Van Jam
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Sale price$5.75
Rifle Paper Co. card
Sirene Bean to Bar Chocolate Fleur de Sel 60g
Sirene Bean to Bar Chocolate Tingo Maria 50g
POP Container OXOPOP Container OXO
Sale priceFrom $14.99
POP Container OXO
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Mast Dark Chocolate with sea salt Mini 28g
Mast Hazelnut Chocolate Mini 28g
Mast Oat Milk Chocolate Mini 28g
ClearSTASHER Reusable Storage Bag
Sale priceFrom $12
STASHER Reusable Storage Bag
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Bar Keepers Friend Stainless Cleanser - Powder 340g
Mast Raspberry Chocolate Mini 28g
Mast Almond Butter Chocolate Mini 28g
set4 AssortedXL Purple
Sale priceFrom $8
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Sapadilla Hand Soap 350mlGrapefruit and Bergamot
Sale price$8.49
Sapadilla Hand Soap 350ml
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