We sell premium cookware that will last the rest of your life. That’s our thing. We’re not interested in selling you the same pan over and over again. It’s not fair to you and it’s definitely not kind to the planet.

We carry brands that we believe in and stand behind. We’ve spent decades developing the assortment of tools that should help you accomplish any job in your home kitchen. 

Our Brands:

Stargazer Cast Iron Cookware

Stargazer Cast Iron

Hand crafted cast iron skillets with a modern design. Large handle helper, staycool handle, rounder corner and pouring edge. Heavy weight. 

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Field Cast Iron

Field Cast Iron

Modern cast iron skillets made with a heritage feel. Lighter that you would expect with excellent results.

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Mineral B

Mineral B Carbon Steel

Hydraulically pressed carbon steel is an excellent replacement to non-stock pans. Made in France.

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Staub Cast Iron


Simply the best designed enamelled cast iron in the world. Made in France.

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Demeyere Industry Cookware

Demeyere Industry

The best bang for yout buck clad cookware avaialble. Made without rivets and very comfortable handles, Demeyere Industry is the best choice of all 5 ply cookware on the market. Made in Belgium.

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Demeyere Atlantis Cookware

Demeyere Atlantis

Designed to be the best performing cookware in the world, specifically engineered for induction.  Made in Belgium.

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Lodge Cast Iron


Nothing beats the value of Lodge Cast Iron Cookware. Made in the USA.

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Seasoning Information

These are the tools you need to care for your iron cookware.

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General Cookware:


Field Cast Iron

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Field Cast Iron No.8 SkilletField Cast Iron No.8 Skillet
Field Cast Iron Chain Mail Scrubby
Field Cast Iron Seasoning OilField Cast Iron Seasoning Oil
Field Cast Iron No.10 SkilletField Cast Iron No.10 Skillet
Field Cast Leather Handle Sleeve - Brown
Field Cast Leather Handle Sleeve - Black
Field Cast Iron No.6 SkilletField Cast Iron No.6 Skillet
Field Cast Iron No.12 SkilletField Cast Iron No.12 Skillet
Field Cast Iron No.4 SkilletField Cast Iron No.4 Skillet
Field Cast Iron Care KitField Cast Iron Care Kit
Sale price$57
Field Cast Iron Care Kit
Field Cast Iron Lid No.8Field Cast Iron Lid No.8
Sale price$122
Field Cast Iron Lid No.8
Field Cast Iron No.9 Griddle PanField Cast Iron No.9 Griddle Pan
Field Cast Iron Lid No.10Field Cast Iron Lid No.10
Sale price$144
Field Cast Iron Lid No.10
Field Cast Iron Dutch Oven No.8Field Cast Iron Dutch Oven No.8
Field Cast Iron Lid No.6Field Cast Iron Lid No.6
Sale price$91
Field Cast Iron Lid No.6
Field Cast Iron Lid No.12Field Cast Iron Lid No.12
Sale price$152
Field Cast Iron Lid No.12

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