Lodge Cast Iron is the oldest and longest-running cast iron manufacturer in the United States. Originally called Blacklock, founder Joseph Lodge fired up a long-dormant railroad foundry in South Pittsburg, Tennessee in 1896. Blacklock focused on manufacturing sad irons, tea kettles, kitchen sinks, and cast iron cookware. The foundry thrived until a fateful day in May of 1910, when fire completely consumed the building.

Always resourceful, Joseph Lodge purchased land a few blocks south of the original foundry. Just three months after the fire, in August of 1910, the new Lodge foundry began pouring and manufacturing cast iron products. To this day, the foundry is still operational; it's gone through significant changes and improvements over the years, but the overall method of creating high-quality cast iron cookware remains essentially the same.

Lodge Cast Iron is the oldest and longest-running cast iron manufacturer in the United States.

Lodge creates its diverse line of cast iron cookware through an age-old process called sand molding. A proprietary mix of molten pig iron, steel and other ingredients are poured into a mold made of sand. Since sand melts at a higher temperature than iron, the mold holds its shape. Once the cast iron pan or pot has cooled, the sand mold is broken, leaving behind a brand new piece of cast iron cookware. Sand molding has been around since 680 B.C. It remains the best and most practical way to cast iron cookware.

Why buy Lodge Cast Iron?

  • American made
  • Best value for your money
  • Extremely versatile
  • Easy to maintain
  • Each piece is factory preseasoned


Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge 10'' Chef's Collection Skillet
Lodge 12" Chef's Collection Skillet
Lodge 8" Cast Iron Fry PanLodge 8" Cast Iron Fry Pan
Lodge 5qt/5.2L Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Lodge 6.5" Cast Iron Fry PanLodge 6.5" Cast Iron Fry Pan
Lodge 12'' Dual Handle Cast Iron Skillet
Lodge 11" Chef's Collection Square Grill Pan Lodge
Lodge Reversible Grill/Griddle Square 10.5"Lodge Reversible Grill/Griddle Square 10.5"
Lodge Cast Iron Combo Cooker 3 qt.
Lodge 9" Cast Iron Fry Pan
Lodge Double Burner Griddle Cast Iron 20" x 10.5"
Lodge 12" Chef's Collection Everyday Chef's Pan
Lodge 5" Cast Iron Fry PanLodge 5" Cast Iron Fry Pan
Lodge 3.5" Cast Iron Mini Fry PanLodge 3.5" Cast Iron Mini Fry Pan
Lodge 12" Chef's Collection Stir Fry Pan
Lodge 10.5" Square Cast Iron Grill Pan
Lodge Blacklock 96 - 10.25 Inch SkilletLodge Blacklock 96 - 10.25 Inch Skillet
Lodge Canadiana Loon 10.25" Skillet
Lodge Blacklock 39 - 12 Inch Skillet
Lodge 5.75" Magnetic Trivet Black
Lodge Blacklock 65 - 12 Inch Square Grill Pan
Lodge 11" Chef's Collection Square Griddle
Lodge Canadiana Maple Leaf 12" Skillet

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