I'm closing our Victoria location, sort of!

After 14 years, I’m stepping away from our Victoria location. By the end of June, our Victoria location will be a Zwilling Canada retail location.

What does this mean?

The store inventory will change, yes, but not as much as you might think. We've had a long and strong relationship with Zwilling (Miyabi, Demeyere, Staub) since the first year we opened and there's a strong possibility that you've bought a Zwilling product from us.

Zwilling will operate the store and Cook Culture will have nothing to do with the location after the transition, however, the wonderful staff that you know for top-notch service will remain. 

Cooking Classes - they will happen, maybe in the fall of 2024 but (they say) for sure by post-Christmas 2025. For all the details, contact the store in the late summer. 

YouTube - I will continue making videos, and hopefully increase the volume!

News from Zwilling - In the next week or so I will send you a link to sign up for store level information from Zwilling. They're planning some great deals to get things moving so I'd say this is one to sign up for!


Our clear out sale starts tomorrow, June 01!

Save 25 - 40% off almost everything, and get some extra special pricing on select gear. Need a Jura coffee machine?

Our sale will be over by June 15th. Zwilling will be open as soon as they can but their goal is to be ready for the July long weekend.

Our clearout deals are for instore sales only and on-hand inventory. Discounts will not be reflected on our website.

Our online store and Parksville location is open as usual.

Thanks ❤️

To everyone who’s been a customer over the years - thank you. Victoria will always be my home town and I’ve truly loved retailing and hosting cooking classes in the city. I’m excited for the Zwilling opening, and the energy and selection that will be offered. I believe that it’s going to be great for the Atrium, the co-tenants, and the city core. 

The sale starts tomorrow morning, and you’ll hear from me lots over the next few weeks.


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