Hello, we’re happy to have a flexible price-match policy. We do our best to offer fair pricing but sometimes other retailers have sales on certain things. We know that some people like to buy from us, for different reasons, like our loyalty club, or that we are your local retailer, and we really appreciate that.

Our policy is:

We will price-match any Canadian retailer that has in-stock inventory that is ready to ship.

We will not price match online companies that advertise sale pricing but do not have inventory. Unfortunately, there are online drop shippers that do not have the products to send to you. They take weeks to months to send you the goods and you may never get them.  We believe that companies like these are bad for the growing eCommerce sector as they do not have your best interests in mind. They are in business solely for the purpose to take your money and not support you or your community. We believe in fair pricing and encourage you to shop around for the best deal but be aware that not every sale price is a great deal.