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Field Cast Iron No.12 Skillet

SKU: 856133007047

Sale price$365.99 CAD


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The way that Field cookware is finished sets them apart from almost any other brand.

Why have features that don’t work. Field do not add messy pour spouts to their cookware.

Maybe the most unrecognized feature of Field cookware are their super comfortable handles.

Designed to sit comfortably on all cooking surfaces

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our customers say:

"I love love my small Field frying pan- perfect for one person. I followed the seasoning and care suggestions and it is now my almost daily go-to!"


"Wow the more you use it the better it gets We love our new no, 10. Looking forward to our new no. 8 showing up soon."


How to look after your Cast Iron

Field Cast Iron is not your run of the mill cast iron cookware - or at least it isn’t in 2021. There was a time, way back when, that cast iron cookware was made in small batches and hand finished. Every detail of each pan was examined and the cookware was intended to to be a staple in the kitchen.

Times changed, and other types of cookware were introduced. Some of these adaptations were good, like stainless steel and aluminum clad cookware, but some were not so good, like the introduction of Teflon coating for cookware. The ease and cheapness of Teflon coated cookware made it a huge hit in the modern home. So much so that by the 1980’s no one bought cast iron cookware other than cowboys and campers.

Fortunately people have come to realise that coated cookware is what it is: garbage. The only cookware that will last forever is cast iron, carbon steel, and heavy weight stainless steel.

The Muscarella Brothers knew this their entire lives but when they grew up they were not satisfied with what they could by at their local kitchen store so they decided to make their own. 

Here’s their story:

The Field Company has had a very interesting journey. See more about their start on Kickstarter and how trying to raise $30k turned into $1.6 million! (I was one of those initial investors!)

View the Field Kickstarter page »
Field Company on Kickstarter
Field Cast Iron Cookware

From our customers:

"I love my new Field skillet! It is so nice to have a smooth, seasoned cast iron skillet to replace my cheap old one. The fact that the Field skillets come smooth and not rough makes a huge difference. I've made amazingly crispy grilled cheese with my homemade sourdough, fried a bunch of bacon in it, and browned a ton of meat for stews. The seasoning on the pan is great, and taking care of it requires ever so little bit more time and effort than my previous pan, but it is worth it. I'm looking forward to being able to use this pan for many, many years to come. The chainmail scrubber I bought along with the pan is great as well. I've used it with other cast iron dishes and it works great there too!"


"This is my first cast iron skillet and I couldn’t be more pleased. The quality and finish of the Field skillet is amazing.

Mostly I was surprised at the cooking experience. It is by far better at keeping a constant even cooking surface then anything I’ve had before.

The service by Cook Culture was first class."