Which beans have the best texture for a lunch box wrap?

For my kids lunches, first they must be healthy, and then they must want to eat them.

The first part is easy, and the second part is a tad more difficult, however sometimes all it takes is a small change to get it right. Some of my kids’ lunches are tastier than others but they’re always healthy. I’ve come to terms with the fact that food is what nourishes us and while it should be as tasty as possible, it’s best for us when it doesn’t contain excess processed flour, unhealthy fat and sugar. For a deeper dive on what I mean by this, have a read of my latest blog.

One of our staples in lunch kits are wraps, or a pita. You can make your own shell or there are now some really great healthier choices on the market. I look for wraps or pita that are whole wheat grain (like real whole grain) or other grains like Quinoa. I make sure that they have enough fiber content and are organic. Then texture is important: they need to have some taste but not easily disintegrate.

In my kids lunch kits, a simple nutritious wrap is:

  • some sort of bean, with sauteed onion, garlic, and bit of salt, all mashed together to make a spread. This is where most of the flavour comes from
  • chopped spinach or mixed greens
  • really thin (julianne) sliced red or yellow pepper
  • thinly sliced cabbage
  • Roasted cubed squash (I make a lot 1 x per week and use in several things)
  • Sesame seeds


  1. Lay out the shell
  2. Spread a small amount of the bean mixture
  3. Add some veggies
  4. Sprinkle seeds
  5. Roll
  6. Cut into pieces
  7. Add to an Abeego Wrap to transport

This is super easy and fast. The big question for your kids here is: what beans do they like?

Which one? Let’s make 5!

We tried 5 bean mixtures so I could get feedback from my kids on their fav. I made each mixture exactly the same and created an almost identical wrap for each sample

  1. Black
  2. Navy
  3. Chickpea
  4. Kidney
  5. Butter


People ask us all the time: what is the healthiest bean? This is an unfair question to ask a bean, as all beans have an abundance of goodness (nutrients, protein, carbs, Omega 3 and FIBER!). So don’t be stressed on which one you should be eating more of. If your family has some favourites, go with those.

For this experiment, I was keen to know which bean my kids would prefer. I know they like creamy beans over a grainy beans but that said, my girl loves Chickpeas, but specifically Hummus.

We made all 5 spreads and cut them up. While they liked all of them to a certain degree, the Navy Bean came out on top, followed by the Black Bean in a close second. Neither was that impressed with the chickpea (too gritty) but they were fine with the Kidney and Butter Bean.


This exercise is a fun way to allow my kids to have control over what they like, and don’t like to eat. I’ve found that the more they are involved in buying and preparing foods for their lunch the more willing they are to eat them.

Simple, healthy, Navy Bean wraps.

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