What’s best for your love muscle!? ❤

As kids, we’re told that the heart is what we love with. That may be right, it’s the most important organ in our body for our health and longevity however it’s the one that can and does take the most punishment from our lifestyle.

This Valentines Day, my message of love is treat your heart with the love it deserves, and in turn you will be around for a long time to love those close to you.

Measure Your Resting Heart Rate

This is very easy measurement because almost ALL of us have access to measuring it. It’s a common feature on most smart watches and it’s built into all leading smartphone brands, and more and more people are using health monitors like ‘fitbit’.  So, this is something you can do right now!


Why does our resting heart rate matter?

We all could and should exercise a bit more than we do – we know that – but getting a good sense of optimal heart rate while exercising is a bit more of a task while a resting heart rate is something we all do everyday. It’s easy for us all to, understand, measure, and track (both iphone and Samsung have onboard Health Apps by default). I recommend to keep it simple as there’s a load of complicated Apps and Programs on the market designed to help you measure. I’ve found that most are too much because keeping it simple is: eating right, sleeping enough, and making exercise a priority. I do these 3 things regularly to keep my love muscle happy.



This is my resting heart rate with my Samsung watch which automatically updates to the Samsung Health App on my phone. I then have a week over week baseline to monitor without having to do anything to capture the data. I know first hand that my resting heart rate is substantially increased (10 to 15%) by poor diet choices and lack of sleep as I exercise a lot and I don’t drink.

Also, This week, Dr. Michael Gregor of Nutritionalfacts.org has a easy to understand blog on resting heart rate and the importance of paying attention to it. As he says: “Every ten-beat-per-minute increase is associated with a 10 to 20 percent increase in the risk of premature death”.

On that note, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebrating love!


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