Virtual Fry Pan Trade in Event 2020 – Save upto 30%!

September 25th - October 25th, 2020

For the last 4 years, with the help of our vendors, we’ve offered a sweet discount (up to 30% off) on new sustainable cookware (Cast Iron, Carbon Steel and Enameled Cast Iron). Customers would get the discount when, during a specific timeframe, they brought us their used ’coated’ cookware. We’d then send the cookware to a recycling depot which recycled the old cookware.

Coated cookware is mostly overlooked as a major contributor to our landfill. 

Why? Because there isn’t a brainless solution to replacing coated cookware in the kitchen. Coated pans are super simple to use and make for easy cooking and easy clean up.  

However, the reality is that ALL COATED COOKWARE WILL BECOME GARBAGE – every brand, every piece. No matter how much you paid for it, or what the sales person told you. 

Please trust me on this. I’ve been doing this for a long time and have looked at every type of cookware. 

Years ago, I ignorantly sold container loads of high end (or just plain expensive) cookware singing the praise of ‘Titanium’ or ‘Diamond’ or ‘Ceramic’, thinking that somehow they were better than the cheap stuff that you find in hardware stores. Some brands may last a bit longer than others but over time they ALL FAIL, and become garbage. And sadly, if you put your old pans into your recycle blue bin there is a very good chance that they will not make it to the correct facility and end up in the landfill. 

There is also an issue with the health effects of chemical non stick coatings, which are easy to ignore however as time’s gone by, we have learned more about the dark side of chemical coatings. This 2016 article is what pushed me over the edge to decide to make this a top priority for Cook Culture. (More on this below)

So, this is why we do this. We want to incentivise you to make the switch, but I would like to be clear: the switch is not a super simple process, but it’s not hard.

The only way to successfully move away from coated non stick cookware is to embrace the process of looking after a cast iron or carbon steel pan. I have created a load of specific videos to help you with this. Please watch in this order:




How does the sale work?

How to get the discount code?

This year must be different as we can not accept used cookware into the stores and so we are not doing a physical ‘Trade in’. Instead, we are doing a virtual trade in with a pledge from you. How does this work?

Step #1:

Watch the movie Dark Waters starring Mark Ruffalo as Rob Bilott (This is not a required step but I highly recommend it). This movie is based on fact (court recordings) and was derived from the NY Times article I linked to above. Here it is again

Step #2

Post to any of your Social Media accounts with an image of your old cookware and use this copy

IMPORTANT! If you don’t add the hashtag to your post then we can’t see it to verify your pledge.

Please note: If you are not on Social Media, then please send an email to 10 friends with the above copy, links and image, and CC

Step #3:

THE BUTTON BELOW IS HOW YOU GET YOUR DISCOUNT. Click the button and fill out the simple form. This will send us your details and we will then send you your discount code by email.

Your discount code will be valid to be used online. You will receive free shipping in BC for all orders over $75 or you can pick up in store.

Step #4: Recycle Your Pans

  • In Vancouver: 
  • In Victoria: 
  • In North Vancouver: 
  • In other communities: Google ‘metal recycling near me’. This will show you who is a proper metal recycling company. They make money off your metal so it’s in their best interest to resell it to someone else who will in turn make money from it. Due to the economics of this process, there is a high probability that your pans will be recycled.

What are the discounts?

Field & Co (they have authorised us to give their gear with the purchase of pans): 

  • Buy a #4 pan ($119.00) and get oil for free ($19.95 value)
  • Buy a #6 pan ($149.99) and get chainmail or oil for free (up to $29.95 value)
  • Buy a #8 pan ($199.99) and get chainmail and oil for free ($49.90 value)
  • Buy a #10 pan ($249.99) and get chainmail, and handle holder for free ($59.95 value)
  • Buy a #12 pan ($349.99) and get chainmail, handle holder, and oil for free ($74.95 value)

Staub: 30% off

  • All Fry Pans
  • Grill Pans
  • Everyday Pans

Lodge: 30% off

De Buyer Mineral B: 30% off

Free shipping over $75


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