Private and Corporate Event – Vegetarian Menu Replacements

Do you have a vegetarian in your group? Please find listed below the vegetarian options, listed per menu:

Spanish Tapas & Paella – there are no vegetarian alternatives to this menu

Authentic Mexican –

  • Pozole Rojo (Pork stock) can be made with vegetarian stock
  • Cochinta Pibil (Pork) Tacos will be replaced with Tacos de Papa (Cumin spiced potato with tomatillo salsa, goat feta, pickled jalapeño and onion)

French – this is a vegetarian menu

A Mediterranean Feast – this is a pescatarian menu

Hawaiian Luau –

  • Huli Huli chicken can be made with tofu
  • NOTE: Kalua pork cannot be replaced
  • Mango & Crab Salad can be made with jackfruit or tofu
  • Tuna poke can be made with jackfruit or tofu

The Ultimate Appy Party! –

  • Crab & Shrimp beignets can be replaced with Vegetable Pakoras (Crispy chickpea and vegetables fritters with a mango chutney)
  • Ceviche de Camaron can be replaced with Gazpacho shots (Heirloom tomatoes, cucumber sweet bell peppers finished with sherry vinegar and Spanish olive oil)

Pasta Fundamentals

  • Fall Mushrooms & Italian Sausage with Homemade Fettucine, the sausage can be removed but will not be replaced

Pizza Party! – We can provide alternative to meat toppings

Spanish Vegetarian Small Plates – this is a vegan menu

Chopped – the main (salmon or chicken) is replaced with Quinoa fritters (these contain potatoes and egg)

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