Our team (10 people) was looking for a fun cooking event for our Christmas office party. We have done this in previous years, and were looking to a similar, straightforward experience – come in, cook you food, have a meal together, the end. Little did we know, when we arrived for the event with Ana and Chef Nicole, that not only that our expectations for an excellent meal will be met, but exceed and we’ll have the best Christmas party yet!

Right from the start Chef Nicole, Ana, and the rest of the team were welcoming, fun, and super friendly. It felt like cooking with friends and not under the strict supervision of a chef. The team even provided us with some fun friendly competition to start us off.

The structure of the event, where you cook the appetizers and then take a break to eat them, and after that proceed with the rest of the menu, is brilliant and really keeps you going. We appreciated the help, the attention to detail, and the personalized approach.

I will recommend this menu, the event, the chef and everything down to the tiniest tasting spoon to everyone who is looking to have some fun time while learning how to make delicious food!

Thank you so so much,
Alex Kogay-Vexelman

Alex, December 2019

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