Best evening dinner-learning-entertainment around, a feel-good bargain and perfect gift to do with a friend.


What a lovely evening! I love the helpful tips learned throughout the demonstration- can’t wait to do another class!


Amazing experience! A great way to spend time with my daughters while sharing our passion for food!


Your store, classes, and staff are great.  Very informative and helpful.  They all seem to enjoy what they do, and it shows in their interactions with the customers.


I attended the class with my husband. We registered last minute and all went very smooth. We both enjoyed the class and the meals! Very friendly environment, we have learned a lot and had a great time.


My 10 year-old son wanted to take a “real” cooking class for his birthday. He absolutely loved this class! I appreciated how he was received and included in the class. Thank you!


You can see from all my “tens” that I totally enjoy my time at classes in your shop.  The sessions are well organized, entertaining, informative and I’ve met many interesting people at the classes.  Keep up the good work.


Great night out! The food was fabulous and yummy!


Class was paced well, easy to ask questions and instructions were all easy to understand.


A great class in a lovely relaxing atmosphere and a lot of fun.


I have taken four classes now. Besides learning about the cuisine covered (in this case Taiwanese,) I always pick up useful tips that can be applied more generally.


I have been to several classes and I always pick up something useful. Even when I have not used the class recipes, I have incorporated the tips and techniques learned into my own cooking


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