This was my second class at Cook Culture and it did not disappoint. The kitchen is extremely clean, well organized, and has everything you could ever think of. The plant based class with Nicole was incredibly informative and structured. The menu was well planned and the food was delicious! She demonstrated how easy clean eating can be and gave many helpful tips and tricks from storing food, to cutting, to nutrition. 200% satisfied!!!

Lydia, January 2020

A great overall corporate experience. Everyone had a blast and the instructor made everything so easy.

Jason, January 2020

I took a cooking class here and I loved it! It was very informative and all of my questions were answered in detail that made sense. I have never had trouble finding any products in the store, they have everything I need.

Frances, January 2020

The class we took was A+. It was nice to not just make one or two recipes. Skipped the boring food prep and got right into it and make 7 dishes! Ate em all up as well as nice to get a little discount to purchase some stuff off the store after.

Garret, January 2020

“A Christmas Feast was possibly the most delicious meal I’ve ever eaten, with an incredible turkey, and nine other dishes, including a trifle. There was lots of hands-on chopping, stirring and the most fun of all was learning some secrets to preparing delicious vegetables and then enjoying the feast at the end. Chef Anna is always well organized, friendly, calm and a wealth of information. I will continue attending classes.”

Joy, December 2019

We purchased this cooking class at a silent auction and it was a lot of fun. GJ, Alexa and the volunteers made it a very enjoyable evening . The food was amazing and I actually think I could make it myself! Will definitely book another class in the future.

Janet, December 2019

If you are looking for a great interactive learning experience with friendly people, take a cooking class with Cook Culture!

Jane, December 2019

We had fun, we learnt lots more that we had expected and had some tasty sushi and other treats. Chef Kimiko was skilled and entertaining. A great night.

Haydn, December 2019

I’ve taken a few cooking classes at Cook Culture, North Vancouver, and my expectations are always exceeded – what a cool program and a great store too!

Steve, December 2019

I really enjoyed the Christmas feast class and even though I’ve prepared many Christmas dinners over the years, I had a few really great take-aways from this class. I also enjoyed Chef Nicole very much. She was very organized, very informative, and has a really pleasant way about her. Keep up the good work!

Korey, December 2019

Loved every minute of it. Started with Boot Camp and moved on to Spanish Tapas.
Looking forward to seeing what comes next. Till next year….

Mike, December 2019

This experience made for the perfect mother and daughter night out! My mom and I attended the Christmas Feast cooking class. Chef Nicole was awesome, she gave such practical tips that I can apply immediately. She was also really efficient and made things fun! I really respect her approach that also incorporates minimal waste and using everything (even the scraps) for a purpose. Also, she knows how to whip up a mean custard!! It was so valuable to learn from such a high caliber professional chef. Not to mention Mea and the host team who made the experience an extra warm and welcoming environment. Thanks and we will be back 🙂

Christina, December 2019

I really enjoyed the interactive and participative format of the Tapas Class. Much preferred to demonstration only. Met a great of fellow foodies/cooks. Chef Nicole, staff and volunteers all counldn’t be more friendly and helpful. Great tips from Chef throughout. Great experience!

Andrea, December 2019

Best evening dinner-learning-entertainment around, a feel-good bargain and perfect gift to do with a friend.


What a lovely evening! I love the helpful tips learned throughout the demonstration- can’t wait to do another class!


Amazing experience! A great way to spend time with my daughters while sharing our passion for food!


Your store, classes, and staff are great.  Very informative and helpful.  They all seem to enjoy what they do, and it shows in their interactions with the customers.


I attended the class with my husband. We registered last minute and all went very smooth. We both enjoyed the class and the meals! Very friendly environment, we have learned a lot and had a great time.


My 10 year-old son wanted to take a “real” cooking class for his birthday. He absolutely loved this class! I appreciated how he was received and included in the class. Thank you!


You can see from all my “tens” that I totally enjoy my time at classes in your shop.  The sessions are well organized, entertaining, informative and I’ve met many interesting people at the classes.  Keep up the good work.


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