Rita and Ted

“We benefited from the team at Cook Culture, this summer, who created a magnificent anniversary dinner for us in our home. Ten of us sat down to dinner that evening, and I enjoyed the party as if I were an invited guest!   The staff’s professional, yet friendly demeanor was obvious as soon as they entered our home.  Quiet and efficient, they checked about certain details well in advance of the guests’ arrival.  The elements of the dinner required that the dinner plates be re-used for each course–no problem!  They efficiently washed them after each course and had them ready for the plating of the next gastronomic experience.  At the end of the evening, I was invited into the kitchen to ensure that everything was left in an acceptable condition.  Part of the pleasure of this experience was the knowledge that everything had been completed to a fine standard.  I wish I could have Cook Culture at every dinner party!”

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