Global 7 Piece Knife Blocks

Each Global 7 Piece Knife Block Set includes all of the kitchen knife essentials to help you create your favorite recipes.

With pricing this good, you might want to get two! One for your friend, and one for you.

Each Knife Set Comes With

Paring Knife 8cm (71GSF15)

Utility Knife 11cm (71GSF22)

Cooks Knife 13cm (71GS3)

Vegetable Knife 14cm (71GS5)

Cooks Knife 20cm (71G2)

Bread Knife 22cm (71G9)

Knife Block

Loved by professional chefs around the world, Japanese made Global knives are an excellent choice for the serious home cook. The thin and razor sharp Global blade allows the cook to cleanly slice through foods, preserving the integrity of the ingredient and maximizing its flavour.

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