Shaping the Future: Kids in the Kitchen

Our food system is fairly (and a bit unnecessarily) complex. There’s a lot of misinformation on what’s the right food to eat, how much of what, and where it comes from.  

I grew up a vegetarian and was taught from a young age how to approach food seriously, and I still spend a lot of time researching and experimenting with food. I’m fascinated about the constant debate about protein; it’s not as simple as replacing one with the other.  There are also different fats to consider, and then cholesterol and carbohydrates get involved. Beyond those considerations, there’s a mind blowing level of complexity in the human digestive and blood system – the engine that turns food into useable energy or when in excess, into fat around our tummy and organs. With so many things to consider, it’s easy to see why the messaging gets so messy, so quickly.   

Simple is key. As parents, we teach our kids about the “good” foods to eat to be healthy, strong, sleep well, and be able to absorb information. We steer them away from the unhealthier foods, like anything with added sugar, even though we don’t always stick to this well enough ourselves (I’m a sucker for donuts…). We try to convince our kids that the colour green is not the devil in disguise, we promise them almost every day that we’re not trying to poison them, and we guarantee that they’ll not die if they eat another vegetable.

At Cook Culture, we’re invested in kids – they’re our champions of the future, and we make education about food issues a top priority around the dinner table. There are many opportunities in our food system and community that must be better understood, and worked on, to ensure a our future generations can live long and healthy lives.

Teaching kids to cook is one way that we hope to shape the future.

As parents, my wife and I have limited time for planning, shopping, and getting food on the table, when we also have ballet lessons and baseball practices to get to. Teaching our children basic cooking skills enables them to be engaged, and confident, in the kitchen – they connect to their food and understand the process of making whole food from scratch. Best of all, they pitch in more often!

We want to help your kids be more involved in the meals that your family share. We have a handful of spaces left in our 7 – 10-year-old kids classes for this summer, at our North Vancouver teaching kitchen. (Unfortunately, because of space limitations, we do not have kids classes in Victoria)

Building fun and engaging classes for kids is really important to us and we’d love to know more from you. We want to know how you think we should shape our future classes. We have a survey on our Facebook page that we hope that you’ll take a few minutes to fill out, or you can send us a note directly from our contact us page.

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