Updated: February 1, 2016

Role: Sales Manager

Reports to: CEO

Role Summary:

As the Sales Manager you direct, train and support everyone who works in your store and are responsible for the retail sales. The success of your staff is your responsibility, which includes hiring, training, discipline, promotions, and terminations. You work directly with your Sales Lead to ensure your store meets sales and operational targets each month. You are expected to have a working environment that is positive, where staff believe and trust we are a company that will continually develop its people. You will lead by example.

Major Duties:

  • Store Sales
    • Train and support sales staff to adhere to the Customer Service Standards
    • Develop, manage and measure sales skills in sales staff
    • Develop and manage weekly sales plans with the Sales Lead(s) to meet monthly sales targets
    • Work closely with Operational Support to execute sales and marketing plans
  • Staff development:
    • Develop training plans for each staff member and complete regular check-up questionnaires for each sales staff person every 2 weeks
    • Complete development reviews with each sales staff person every 4 months
    • Train and manage the staff on company policies and procedures, and ensure compliance
  • Customer Service Standards
    • Work with the Sales Lead(s) to ensure every staff person is working within the guidelines of the Customer Service Standards and, if not, develop plans to bring staff on track
  • Discipline
    • Proactively address areas for development with individual staff
    • document situations where a staff person has not adhered to policy / procedure (after fair training and warnings) and have them sign it
    • Terminate staff who are not able to adhere to policy / procedure or who do not fit our company culture
  • Hiring
    • Interview and hire new staff
    • Proactively assess staffing needs for busy periods of the year, and hire based on those needs
  • Customer Service
    • Find solutions to situations where customers need attention
    • Perform sales, assist customers
    • Offer support, new ideas, and solutions to our Operations and Operations Supports teams
  • Inventory Management
    • Work closely with the Ops Support and the receiver to position inventory for maximized sales
    • Execute seasonal promotional plans
    • Maximize sales per linear foot
  • Manage and Meet Expected Measures
    • Category Management Sales Targets
    • Dollars sold per hour / per labour cost
    • Sales and marketing Conversion
    • Average Sale


  • Stores meet monthly Key Performance Targets
  • Sales Team follows our Service Standards
  • Each staff member to be trained on sales management software
  • Stores are properly staffed, and the staff are continually being measured, developed and trained
  • Staff who are not a fit with Cook Culture (whether by attitude or aptitude) are terminated and replacements found
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