Adding and Removing Products From the Gift Registry

You can add products to your gift registry and manage your account by logging in to your registry account on our website.

1. Go to, click on orange Gift Registry tab in top right corner of website.

2. Click on MANAGE

3. Login to the Gift Registry with your email and password, looks like form below, at

4. Once logged in, below will be the screen that pops up. Select your registry by clicking on the hyperlinked registry name.

5. The registry account page comes up where you can view items already in your registry.

From here your can do the following:

  • Edit the Wedding Message to your friends – click on ‘Edit Message’.
  • Edit your Profile – click on ‘Profile’ and edit any portion of your profile.
  • Add items to your registry.  – see next section.
  • Share your registry on social media. – click on ‘Share’. You can either copy and paste the provided share URL or connect and share directly to your social media platform using the links provided: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, tumblr, LinkedIn

Adding Products to Your Registry

You can easily add items to your registry once logged into your registry account online.

1. Follow steps 1-4 in the previous section.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Click here’ to begin browsing to add more products to your registry.

3. You’ll then be taken into the online store. You’ll notice a box in the top right corner telling you which registry you’re managing (the box may take a few seconds to load). Click on the product you are interested in.

4. Then click on the button below the price and quantity of the item called ‘Add to my Registry’. The item will then be added to the registry and you’ll be taken back to the registry account page to review items in the registry. To continue to add items to registry follow steps 2-4 again.

Removing Products from the Registry

Your can easily remove items from your registry once logged into your registry account online.

1. Follow steps 1-4 in the previous section.

2. Click on the blue “x” box next to each item to be deleted.

3. Click on ‘Save Changes’.

Purchasing from Registries

Your guests can easily purchase gifts from your gift registry while on our website.  It’s as easy as finding the registry and picking items from the list they wish to purchase.

When a guest makes a purchase from your registry’s public page, their cart is automatically tagged with your registry ID which will appear on the Shopify order once the order is processed.

When your guest checks out, our site will automatically deduct the ordered quantity of the item from your registry’s listing. Please allow a few minutes for the adjustment to be made. It will also add the order to the “Registry Purchase History”, located on your registry’s managed page. Anything that your guest ordered that is not on the registry will be skipped, and assume that they are personal purchases, not intended for the registry.

How to Purchase Gifts from Registries

1. Go to, click on orange Gift Registry tab in top right corner of website.

2. Click on ‘Find a Registry’.

3. Enter the first and last name of the individual’s gift registry in the form provided.

4. The below screen will pop up showing the search results. Select the Gift Registry to purchase for by clicking on the blue hyperlinked list name.

5. Once the registry name is clicked the customer will be navigated to the registry’s public page.  This page is a summary of the registry including List Name, Registrant and Co-Registrant, Date Created, Event Date, and all the gift items listed in the registry.

6. To purchase from the registry it’s as easy as adding the quantity under the ‘Cart’ column next to each item to be purchased. To save changes to the cart click ‘Update Cart’.

7. To checkout, click the ‘Checkout’ button.  This will navigate to the customer information page. Fill in customer information on the provided form. Then click on ‘Continue to shipping method’ to go to the payment screen.

8. The next screen will be a summary of the customer contact details and selected registry items. If the customer would like to edit any of this information simply click on ‘Return to Customer Information’.  If information is correct click ‘Continue to payment method’.

9. Complete the ‘Payment Method’ page ensuring all required fields are filled in. Then click on ‘Complete Order’ to complete the payment process.  The customer will receive an order confirmation email with all the details of your order that looks like the regular Shopify Confirmation emails. They will also receive a confirmation email when the items have been shipped attached with a tracking number.

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