About Our Gift Registry

Anything we sell can be yours for the asking.

But you’ll need to put it on your Cook Culture Gift Registry first. It’s easy to use, and it helps all the generous people you know to give you exactly what you’d like. Need help deciding what belongs on your list? We’re ready to let you try every knife and play with every pot until you’ve made up your mind.

Why Register at Cook Culture?

We’ve spent the last year working to deliver the simplest and easiest Gift Registry program available in our industry. We’ve learnt that the majority of modern couples are looking to keep their Gift Registry simple (or not at all). We believe in this too; less is more. Get the right gear for the right jobs and you can do more with (a lot) less. Why buy a knife block set when 3 knives will do?
Now this may go against the traditional thinking of retail shop selling their wares, but we just don’t care. When less is more, buy less. And we can help with that!

9 Reasons to Register at Cook Culture:

  1. We have serviced hundreds of Gift Registries and have learnt a thing or two on how to streamline and make it easy on your friends and family. It’s great that you dig the manual egg beater, but is that really what you need to put on a Gift Registry? Really?
  2. We value your business and look forward to working hard to deliver the best service possible to your family and friends.
  3. In central Vancouver and Victoria we cover more areas than any other kitchen store.
  4. We are hyper focused on the craft of cooking and baking. We offer some of the best brands in our industry, along with Cooking Classes on how to use them!
  5. Our brand new modern registry system delivers your list to your friends and family however you’d like – Facebook, Email, Google+, Instagram and more. And shopping for your registry is as easy as dropping by one of our 4 store locations or visiting our website and purchasing directly from your registry.
  6. Our brand new modern registry system allows you to easily manage your registry online and track the purchases from your registry for quick and easy thank you cards after your event.
  7. We have knowledgeable staff who will help build your fully customized gift registry list. Once you have visited the store and built your list, you will have a Registry Assistant to help with any and all questions up to 6 months after your wedding or event.
  8. As our gift to you, you and a guest will enjoy the experience of an evening of delicious and fun cooking at any of our $90 cooking classes, on us! (after $1000 spent on your registry)
  9. We will arrange delivery, in-store pickup, or post event pickup to work into your plans; we offer free shipping for all gift registry purchases.
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