Recreated: Pineapple Coconut Cream Soda in a Sodastream

We love using the Sodastream to make carbonated water. It’s an interesting device that we’ve become quite addicted to. But sometimes it’s fun to mix it up when it comes to water, and we came across a yummy and simple recipe that we had to try from the blog Treasures and Travels.

We picked up some local strawberries and put a can of coconut mylk in the fridge. Once the mylk was hard we whipped up the hard fat solid into peaks, just like making egg whites.

In glasses, we added sliced strawberries, some unsweetened pineapple juice and Sodastream water. We topped it off with the whipped coconut mylk.

And there ya go. A simple, quick summertime refresher, with a good amount of quality calories and fat from the coconut mylk that will stick with you as a snack.

We made these awesome drinks while we prepped our latest blog, Corn Tacos. You can see what came first….

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