Private and Corporate Event Review

Welcome to your Private and Corporate Event Review

Where was your event?
Which menu was it?
Our goal is to offer private and corporate events that are approachable, fun, and reasonably priced. We enjoy teaching in a group environment and promote family cooking.   How close do you think we got to our goal at your event?
Our instructors are the most critical part of you class experience. Did your instructor provide an informative event?
Was the event fun?
Was the instructor organized and engaged?
Did the event meet your expectations?
Was the host and support staff attentive, helpful and friendly?
We want to make booking an event simple and easy. How did you find the process?
Would you recommend us to a friend, family member, or colleague?
How did you hear about our events?
Did you know that we offer public cooking classes at our Victoria, North Vancouver, and Downtown Vancouver locations?
Would you leave us a review we can use on our website?
Would you like to be contacted when we have new private and corporate event menus?
Do you have a comment? Could we do something better, or is there a menu that you'd like to see offered? Let us know!

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