Packing Lunches

Thanks for coming to take this survey!

Your input will help me shape our back to school lunch videos, recipes, and classes for 2019/20. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

I've heard from many parents that they've struggled to make the lunches they think they want to make. We all know that it's super important that our packed lunches are as good as they can be but the reality is that life gets busy.  Not knowing what to make, limitations due to allergens, picky eaters, and limited time, are only some of the issues that we face when trying to get lunches packed every weekday. We get it, it's not easy, but we hope that we can make it easier.

By August, we will start to deliver lunch ideas to your inbox, followed up with instructional videos, and either a cooking class or a shorter clinic that you can come to.

As we're preparing for this we'd love to hear from you. We want to understand your pain points and hear how we can help you make lunches to help your kids thrive.

Please take a few minutes for our questionnaire.

Thanks. Jed

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I'm going to assume that because you're taking this quiz, then you're interested in improving how you make lunches. We'd like to know what your barriers are. Do you find that you:
Do you find making lunches stressful?
What are your biggest challenges when creating more nutritious lunches?
(answer as many as you'd like)
Ultra processed food is a blessing and a curse. It's super convenient and in many instances tastes great! However, ultra processed food is unhealthy. Getting ultra processed food out of kids lunches must be a goal for us all. This is easy for me to write but I understand that it's much harder to do and to many, will seem impossible.

Do you believe that cutting ultra processed foods from our childrens' diets is a good strategy?
Are you more concerned with feeding you and your kids:
Would you be willing to only add 100% whole grains to your children's lunches?
Is your kid's cholesterol a concern for you?
Do you batch cook? This is meal planning on Sundays or making lots of leftovers throughout the week.

It's in everything, and we all love it (even the adults that say they don't!). Do you think it's important to reduce sugar in your family's diet?
How much veggies are in your lunch box(s) everyday (on average)?
If dealing with your children's behavior patterns changing throughout the day causes you stress... have you associated it to diet or food sensitivities?
Would you like your child (or you!) to have better focus?
Changing tastes.

Kids will eat what they are fed. This process is not about pointing fingers but the only reason that kids eat off the kids' menu is that we (parents) let them. Chicken fingers, mac and cheese, toasted cheese and pizza is not food for growing minds and bodies. It has calories, and they will continue to live, but the point of school, and learning, is to thrive. 

Do you think that your kids would struggle to eat more nutrient dense food like, hearty soups, bean dips, dense salads, and loads of veggies?
Your commitment.

We will give you all the recipes and instructions to make lots of amazing lunches however making this type of food takes planning and more time to prepare. There will also be changes in tastes and textures, so our question is: Are you, and your family, prepared to commit to improving the quality of lunches?
Now from you! From my questions, you can get a sense of what we are working on:

Reducing sugar in kids lunches
Reduce processed food, especially anything that comes in a package
Regulate blood sugar
Increase attention and mental stamina
Identify allergens
Save time
Help making lunches easier!

Please help me with giving me your thoughts, so that we can get right to the issues for you!

Thanks so much for taking the quiz. If you have anything further to add please do not hesitate to reach our to me at

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