Feedback September 18

Welcome to your Feedback September 2018

How would you grade your overall experience with Cook Culture?
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Would you recommend us to a friend?
Would you recommend us as the most knowledgeable kitchen shop?
What Cook Culture store do you normally shop at?
Did you know that Cook Culture is a locally owned, family run business?
Do you think of Cook Culture as being a progressive company that cares about the environment?
Have you taken a cooking class at Cook Culture?
Would you recommend us as a knowledgeable cooking school?
What is most important to you when you shop with Cook Culture in store?
What is the most important when you shop online?
If you have booked a class online, how did you find the booking system and communication? Please leave us a comment below.
What is your favourite online service?
In our retail stores, do we usually have what you need?
Do we offer enough variety of cooking classes?
For cooking classes, would you like to see more.... (choose multiple)
Cook Culture was started to be an evolving communal hub of knowledge and a place for people that care about food to gather. We really hope that you've been able to use our stores for their intended purpose but would love to learn from you how can we improve Cook Culture. Please give us your thoughts?

Thanks for filling out our survey. Your response is very valuable to us so that we can continue to serve you well into the future.

5 responses to “Feedback September 18

  1. I forgot to say that the staff at the Victoria Cook Culture are lovely and helpful without fail. No matter whether I’m buying a dish scrubber for less than ten bucks or an authentic Mexican mortar and pestle or filling up my containers with the excellent liquid cleaners, I am treated kindly and respectfully. This is SO important, can’t stress it enough.

    1. Thanks, Caroline. Your comments mean so much to us. Service and trust is the foundation of our customer relationship. We’ll always be there for you!

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