Stargazer 12" Cast Iron Skillet

SKU: SKT-120-S

Finish: Seasoned
Sale price$274 CAD


Why We Love It

Stargazer is a step above almost any other cast iron brand due to it’s unique textured surface and novel design. The extra large handle stays cool and the curved sides and rounded lip improves the performance of Stargazer compared to traditional cast iron shapes.

How It Works

  • Smooth cooking surface. The entire interior of our skillet is machined smooth. That means food sticks less and it’s a breeze to clean.
  • Optimal weight. Lighter than most, our 12-inch skillets tip the scales at 6.5 lbs for the perfect balance of heat retention and ease of use.
  • All natural. No toxic chemicals, no space-age materials, just iron.
  • Lasts forever. Treat your cast iron properly and it will last many lifetimes.
  • Drip-free flared rim. No more pour spouts. Pour from anywhere with confidence.
  • Stay-cool handle. Burn your hand on someone else's pan. Our forked handle stays cooler much longer than the cast iron you’re used to.

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