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Chef Ashley Kiptoo is available on the above dates for any the following menus:

Spanish Vegetarian Small Plates

Tap into the vivacious spirit of Spain and grab a couple friends to learn different Spanish cooking techniques in our Spanish Cooking Class! These recipes are applied to vegetables (but can be used for fish or meat too) and will give you the skills to create your own spin on a tapas party. In our Spanish Cooking Class you’ll learn the Spanish style of eating a series of small shareable plates creates a great environment for a lively soiree, as well as a exciting way to get a balanced meal. With a hands on focus, this class will bring you through some of the different flavours of Spain with traditional cooking methods and seasonal ingredients!

  • Patatas bravas 
    • crispy fried potatoes, spicy tomato sauce, cashew aioli
  • Oyster mushroom escabeche
    • sweet and sour preserved mushrooms
  • Calcots
    • grilled leeks and smokey romesco
  • Zanahorias alizanas
    • herbaceous marinated carrots
  • Sherry flambé Mushroom toast
    • mushrooms in a sherry butter sauce, served with crusty bread
  • Croquetas! White bean and spinach
    • crispy and satisfying cannellini bean croquetas
  • Lentil mushroom albondigas
    • the veggie take on the classic meatball tapas, served with a tomato sauce
  • Fruit Gazpacho
    • a super refreshing version of the classic cold tomato vegetable soup

*Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate guests that do not eat nuts, wheat/gluten, or alcohol.

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Taco Party!

Our delicious, West-Coast inspired Mexican Taco party cooking class menu was created by our chefs with authentic Mexican culinary culture in mind.

You’ll use simple cooking techniques with fresh ingredients to create a taco feast completely from scratch. Press your own corn tortillas for loaded tacos, create a huge variety of toppings, and make Mexican churros with chocolate sauce, for dipping. We serve dinner family style, meaning you can decorate your tacos, exactly how you like, with an abundance of bright, fresh, and perfectly spiced toppings. Bring some cold ones or tequila, plus a friend, and get ready to have the time of your life at our Mexican Taco Party!

Techniques we will learn in class:

  • knife skills for veggies – including fine dice for salsas
  • corn tortillas – making masa dough and pressing tortillas
  • pan frying, braising, and slow cooking proteins
  • quick pickling
  • deep frying doughnuts
  • Yucatan Slaw
    • Cabbage and Jicama salad with Spicy Toasted Pepitas and Avocado/Lime Cilantro Vinaigrette
  • Corn Tortillas
    • Handmade Tortillas, from scratch
  • Proteins:
    • Baja fish –  with a crispy cornmeal crust
    • Chipotle Black Beans – slow cooked with a rich, deep flavor
    • Cochinita –  braised and shredded pork
  • Toppings:
    • Salsa Verde – tomatillo salsa
    • Pico de Gallo – fresh salsa – you will never purchase store-bought again!
    • Guacamole – enough said!
    • Pickled Red Onion and Jalapenos – salty and spicy – the perfect condiment
    • Corn Salsa –  a light, refreshing salsa with mint, cucumber and lime
  • Churros with Chocolate sauce
    • Mexican doughnuts with dipping sauce

*Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate guests that do not eat wheat/gluten, corn, pepita seeds, avocado, garlic, onion, cilantro, and some spice. We can accommodate vegetarian guests, please let us know at the time of booking.

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Pizza from Scratch

Bring your friends. Bring some wine. Learn to make Pizza from Scratch at our Pizza Cooking Class!

In our Pizza Cooking Class you’ll learn to make classic pizza dough and sauces to dress your pizzas, at home using your own oven. You’ll learn that with a great dough base, and then creatively selecting the toppings of choice you will be able to mix and match to make your own favorite combination.

Learn how to properly use your oven, a pizza stone, and pizza peel to get great results. This Pizza Cooking class is a springboard to throwing the best pizza parties ever!

In this lively, hands-on class, we will learn to:

  • Use a pizza stone and pizza paddle
  • Make pizza dough from scratch
  • Create the following sauces:
    • marinara
    • pesto
    • bechamel
    • barbecue
  • Mix and match to create your own custom pizza
    • Here are some of the toppings we may have on-hand:
      • Oven roasted tomatoes
      • Grilled zucchini, onions, and peppers
      • Marinated mushrooms
      • Arugula
      • Smoked cheese
      • Fresh pineapple
      • Grilled ham

And for dessert, we will also learn to make Zeppole with Caramel Marsala Sauce!

  • Zeppole are sweet Italian fritters (similar to donuts) which we will dip them in a rich, caramel sauce for extra decadence.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate guests with gluten/wheat restrictions.

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Pasta Fundamentals

Learn how to make pasta, by-hand, just like an Italian Grandmother! From kneading to shaping, let one of our chefs teach you how to master pasta dough.  We will also learn how to make goat chèvre from scratch; as well as, a delicious warm Pancetta dressing, which is perfect for the cool weather


  • Grilled Radicchio, Arugula Walnut & Pear Salad with Pancetta Vinaigrette*
    • Bitter greens and sweet local pears mixed with a warm Pancetta dressing and fried walnuts
  • Hand shaped fusilli
    • with a roasted garlic, basil and plum tomato sauce
  • Handcrafted Agnolotti with homemade chèvre** 
    • Pillow shaped fresh agnolotti filled with a light goat cheese, onion and local mushroom mixture, tossed in a light butter sauce
  • Mascarpone Sabayon with Fruit
    • A rich yet light (homemade) mascarpone and vanilla mousse, over a bed of succulent berries 

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate guests that do not eat: gluten/wheat, eggs, dairy, garlic, sugar, or nuts. 

This menu contains pork. We can accommodate vegetarian guests, by removing the pancetta from the salad; please let us know upon booking.

We cannot accommodate vegan guests with this menu.

*pancetta can be removed with advanced notice

** chèvre is demo only

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Spanish Tapas Bar

Going out to eat tapas is such a big part of the Spanish culture that there is even a verb for it, tapear which means “to eat tapas.” Tapas are simply a part of life in Spain. Though they’re considered to be Spain’s version of appetizers, tapas are eaten any time—day or night. Put a few of these little dishes together and they can make a meal on their own.  Join one of our chefs and learn how to make some of these wonderful small plates.


  • Gambas al Pil Pil
    • Spicy Garlic and Smoked Paprika Prawns
  • Croquetas de Pollo con Romesco
    • Chicken Croquettes with a Roasted Pepper and Almond Sauce
  • Almejas Negras Al Marqués De Villalua
    • Clams, Shrimp and Wild Mushroom
  • Champiñones al Ajillo*
    • Roasted Mushrooms with Garlic
  • Delicias de Jamón y de Queso*
    • Fried Cheese with Spanish cured Ham
  • Lubina a la Sal con Aioli
    • Salt Baked Sea Bass with a creamy Garlic Sauce

* demo only


We cannot accommodate guests that do not eat: shellfish, pork, chicken, garlic, onion, gluten/wheat, dairy, nuts.

Please note: no substitution allowed for this menu, please join us for our vegetarian Spanish Vegetarian Small Plates class. 

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The Fine Print:

The standard price for any private party is $1290 (+tax) for the first 10 people and $99 (+tax) per person after that. The minimum charge for a private event is $1290 (+tax). The 3-hour event, which typically runs from 6-9pm, includes the chef, food costs, and staff. Any beverages would need to be supplied by you, for a self-service bar. If you prefer bar service (we serve you), we would need to take out a special occasion license, at an additional cost to you. Groups larger than 20 guests, will require additional rentals. Please call us at 778-769-1978 or email us at:, to find out more!

Private Party Cancellation Policy:

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  • Half of the deposit is refundable, up to 14 days before your event. The deposit is non-refundable less than 14 days prior to your event.
  • If you need to change the date of your event you may do so once, for free, up to 14 days before your event. Any additional date changes will have a $100 charge. We are sorry, but we cannot accommodate date changes less than 14 days prior to your event.
  • Final number of guests is required 48 hours before your event (with no changes allowed following this time - if a guest is unable to attend within this period, please send somebody in their place)
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