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with Chef Anna Hunt

Victoria Cooking School

Chef Anna Hunt is available on the above dates for any the following menus:

Moroccan Comfort Food

Travel the world in comfort… comfort food, that is, with Chef Anna Hunt. Tuck into a soulful, warming Moroccan tagine without leaving downtown Victoria.

Yes, you eat what you make!

  • Zaalouk (Moroccan eggplant and tomato salad) served with crusty bread
  • Chicken Tagine with Kale, Sun-dried Apricots, and Almonds
  • Garlic Couscous
  • Rose Rice Pudding with Blood orange and Pistachio

Please note: this menu contains nuts, wheat/gluten, and dairy, which can be replaced if we are given notice.

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Hawaiian Luau: Kitchen Party or Chef´s Table

Are you craving a Tropical Summer vacation?  Come join us, at Cook Culture, and learn how to bring the taste of an Hawaiian Luau to home. From tender Huli Huli chicken, smoky & succulent Kahlua Pork to tropical seafood and fruit dishes. Let us teach you how to cook with the taste of Hawaii.

  • Huli Huli Chicken Skewers
    • A true new Hawaiian specially, tender chicken thigh, basted with a sweet and salty marinade of  ginger, soy and pineapple Grilled to perfection over mesquite.
      • A vegetarian substitution is available, if we are given notice ahead of time.
  • Kahlua Pork
    • No need to dig a pit. Learn how to make this Hawaiian luau favourite, at home. Slowly roasted pork shoulder, wrap in banana leaves and served with Hawaiian sweet rolls.
      • No vegan/vegetarian substitution available.
  • Tuna poke
    • Everyone´s favourite, diced fresh tuna and avocado, seasoned with soy, sesame seeds and green onions served sticky rice.
      • This dish is suitable for pescatarians, a vegan substitute is available, if we are given notice ahead of time.
  • Mango & Crab Salad
    • Ripe mango, avocado and Pacific lump crab on a bed of micro greens.
      • This dish is suitable for pescatarians, a vegan substitute is available if we are given notice ahead of time.
  • Pineapple Haupia
    • A traditional Hawaiian luau dessert –  a creamy coconut and vibrant pineapple pudding

Add-on for an additional $10/guest: Mai Tai Cocktails – You bring the rum, we’ll make the base.  This tiki lounge favourite consists of fresh squeezed orange and pineapple juice, Orgeat syrup and garnished with a little tropical flair.

*Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate guests that do not eat sugar, garlic, nuts, and pork. Substitutions can be made for the shellfish and fish, if we are given notice at time of booking.

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The Ultimate Appy Party!

Join Chef Anna for the Ultimate Appy Party! From planning, prep, to execution she has you covered to create your best party yet! Bring your colleagues, bring some wine and have an evening to remember for years to come!

  • Tuna Poke on crispy sushi rice with spicy mayo and cucumber salad
  • Crostini with labneh, roasted lamb and baba ganoush *these can be made vegetarian
  • Roasted Yam Rounds with tomato jam and cambozola
  • Spanakopita, crispy phyllo filled with spinach and feta
  • Bourbon chocolate tarts
  • Crispy phyllo with cinnamon, cardamom sugar

*Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate guests that do not eat wheat/gluten, sugar, or dairy.

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Chopped Victoria - hands-on and demonstration

In this deliciously fun class format you will go head to head against others in your group and create delicious appies using mystery ingredients. The best appetizer will be safe, but the other will be chopped. Do you have what it takes to go up against your peers, friends or family? The bonus…you’ll have Cook Culture Victoria’s Chef Anna to take pointers and advice from to help your appetizer make the cut. Delicious mystery ingredients may include…

  • Cod, Mussels, Tuna
  • Chorizo, Chicken Breast
  • Cheddar, Fresh Goat Cheese, Manchego
  • Black beans, Kidney Beans, Red Lentils
  • Cashews, Pumpkin Seeds, Walnuts
  • Avocado, Leeks, Potatoes, Sweet Peppers

Chef Anna will then prepare one of these menus for your group:

NOTE: Due to time restrictions, the entire group must chose the same menu.

1) Mushroom and Goat Cheese stuffed Chicken thighs with quick roasted shallot pan sauce 

Served with:

  • creamy mashed potatoes
  • roasted root vegetables
  • caramelized butternut squash purée


2) Slow Roasted Salmon with lemon dill beurre blanc

Served with:

  • sauteed green veggies with a hazelnut vinaigrette
  • roasted baby new potatoes

Dessert for both

  • French Apple Cake
    • A rich and creamy custard base with a cake top, studded with sweet apple and flavoured with dark rum

*Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate guests that do not eat wheat/gluten dairy, or eggs. There are nuts used in the salmon menu, which can be eliminated if we are given notice.

Please confirm the number of vegetarians in your party, upon registration, and we will confirm an alternative menu for those guests.

This class format has a maximum capacity of 16 guests. Note: the menu may be adjusted slightly based upon seasonality of produce.

Add-on for an additional $10/guest: Charcutterie Platter – Fine Meats with a trio of accoutrements: Garlic Rosemary Marinated Goat Cheese, Rustic White Bean Dip with Roasted Pepper and Almond Feta Dip. For a vegetarian platter, the meats can be replaced with marinated roasted vegetables.

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Pasta Fundamentals: Kitchen Party or Chef´s Table

Join us for our popular Pasta Making Cooking Class. Italian food is all about highlighting fresh, in-season ingredients and here we will celebrate the fresh tastes of Spring and Summer with a comforting Pasta feast! Make silky, fresh pappardelle and supple, elegant agnolotti! You’ll get hands-on with the egg pasta dough: kneading, rolling, shaping, and folding your very own delicacies. This class focuses on the bounty of the Spring and Summer garden, but the ease and versatility of these techniques will elevate your home cooking all year-round.

This class is not suitable for those that are lactose intolerance, are celiac or have a gluten sensitivity.


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New Spanish Tapas & Paella: Kitchen Party or Chef´s Table

Our Spanish Cooking Class celebrates the bounty of the sea and land: in this Spanish cooking class you’ll taste plenty of garlic, smoked paprika, flavourful meats and seafood, zesty tomatoes, and bright herbs. Sharing food with friends and family is a huge part of Spanish culture. To fight off hunger from their famous late-night dinners, Spaniards spend their early evenings sharing small plates while traveling from bar-to-bar, before sitting down to enjoy a leisurely meal. When it comes to authentic Spanish tapas, the plates may be small, but the flavours are always big!

Join us as we work our way through some well known Tapas leading up to the final course of Paella filled with a chorizo, chicken and fresh shellfish. You’ll have a lot of fun in this Spanish Cooking Class so make sure you bring your favourite bottle of Spanish wine so you can cheers to your cena Española!

  • Ajo Blanco – Cold almond and garlic soup
    • Ajo blanco is a delicious cold almond and garlic soup typical of southern Spain. Known as the precursor to the other Spanish cold soups, this creamy soup will not disappoint on a hot day.
  • Mejillones Rellenos – Stuffed mussels with crispy breadcrumbs 
    • Stuffed mussels are a typical Spanish tapa, native to the North. They can be served hot or cold, but any way these creamy stuffed mussels are delicious. It takes some time to prepare, but the work is worth it!
  • Croquetas De Patata Y Manchego – Potato and Cheese fritters
    • Every Spaniard promises that their mother makes the best croquettes. These creamy fritters are a staple of the Spanish tapas scene. They are easy to make at home and will impress all of your guests.
  • Receta de Albóndigas de Cordero con Vermut – Lamb Meatballs with Vermouth
    • Albondigas are Spain’s classic meatballs. This lamb version is amazing, made better with the addition of Manchego cheese and Spanish vermouth.
  • Paella ´Americano´ 
    • This is by far the most popular paella recipe in North American Spanish restaurants. Mixing seafood, chicken and chorizo is not typical in Valencia, where paella originated; but, this ‘Americano’ version is incredibly tasty and features a variety of flavors which are sure to please a crowd.

*Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate guests that do not eat shellfish, chicken, pork, garlic, onion, dairy, wheat/gluten, nuts & alcohol.

Add on for an additional $10/guest: Sangria – Fresh orange and lemon, orange juice, simple syrup and soda.  Served over ice with slices of fresh orange.  You provide the brandy and Spanish red wine.


Add on for an additional $10/guest: Baked Lemon Tart – light, refreshing and tangy, this baked lemon tart is timeless


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French Classics: Kitchen Party or Chef´s Table

Our French Cooking Class celebrates the best of the sunny season! In this French Classics Cooking Class we will make some classic favorites that are special enough for guests; but, simple enough for a weeknight.

There is so much enjoyment to be gained by eating with the seasons, and few moments are as poignant as the first flush of warm weather! As we’re beginning to enjoy the return to abundance in the fields, we can again indulge our palates in these fresh green flavours.  French cuisine is the perfect vehicle for expressing the bright delicacy of the harvest, but you don’t have to train at the Cordon Bleu to make the most of the farmer’s market!


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Book this Private Event at Our Victoria Cooking School

We look forward to hosting your party! Please complete this form to send a request to our event planning team. We will be in touch to confirm all details and finalize the deposit.

The Fine Print:

The standard price for any private party is $1250 (+tax) for the first 10 people and $95 (+tax) per person after that. The minimum charge for a private event is $1250 (+tax). The 3-hour event, which typically runs from 6-9pm, includes the chef, food costs, and staff. Any beverages would need to be supplied by you, for a self-service bar. If you prefer bar service (we serve you), we would need to take out a special occasion license, at an additional cost to you. Groups larger than 20 guests, will require additional rentals. Please call us at 778-769-1978 or email us at:, to find out more!

Private Party Cancellation Policy:

  • A 50% deposit is required at time of booking, and is fully refundable up to 30 days before your event. The balance is due 48 hours prior to your event.
  • Half of the deposit is refundable, up to 14 days before your event. The deposit is non-refundable less than 14 days prior to your event.
  • If you need to change the date of your event you may do so once, for free, up to 14 days before your event. Any additional date changes will have a $100 charge. We are sorry, but we cannot accommodate date changes less than 14 days prior to your event.
  • Final number of guests is required 48 hours before your event (with no changes allowed following this time - if a guest is unable to attend within this period, please send somebody in their place)
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