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Chef Andrew Paumier is available on the above dates for any the following menus:

Thai Basic: Kitchen Party

Many of us have traveled through the gorgeous part of the world that is Thailand. The smiling people, the vibrant landscape and the fantastic food! Until the day we are able to go back and feast, let’s recreate these easy-to-make; yet, complex tasting dishes right here, at home. You will learn where to source ingredients, how to adjust flavors to suit your palette, and what key pantry items you need to pull off this menu, even on a weeknight! No more take-out for you!

  • Green Papaya salad – A typical breakfast on the beach…made fresh, in front of you, as you direct the flavor profile to your liking.
    Note: this dish includes fish sauce and dried shrimp
  • Pad Thai – The classic tourist dish, no one could go wrong with.
    Note: this dish includes chicken
  • Green Coconut Fish Curry – Everyone’s favorite.
    Note: this dish includes fish
  • Mango and Sticky rice – a classic Thai dessert.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate guests that do not eat coconut. Please note: this menu contains corn, eggs, fish, nuts, shellfish and soy, which can be replaced if given notice.


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Asian Street Foods: Kitchen Party or Chef´s Table

Join us for a tour of Asian Street foods in our popular Asian Street Food Cooking Class. We will visit food from Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, nibbling on some iconic dishes. With bright herbs, savory sauces, and commonly found spices, you can bring some of the vibrancy of Asia, into your kitchen!

  • Chicken satay with peanut sauce
    • seen all over part of Southeast Asia, we will be a doing a thai verision which is marinated in a turmeric spice mix. We will also be preparing a peanut sauce from scratch which starts with a simple red curry paste
  • Pork and shrimp spring rolls with nuoc cham
    • popular in Vietnam, traditional rice paper is used to wrap various herbs, noodles and meats. Nuac Cham is a sweet, salty, sour, spicy fish sauced based dipping sauce used commonly on many dishes
  • Nasi goreng (Indonesian style fried rice)
    • literally meaning ‘fried rice’, this Indonesian version is typically a darker version using a dark sweet soy sauce and shrimp paste for its characteristic flavor.
  • Kothu Roti (Sri Lankan chopped flat bread stir fried with vegetables and spices)
    • an iconic Sri Lankan street food consisting of roti, a flat bread stir fried with vegetables and a curry based sauce
  • Nahm wan sakoo (Coconut soup with tapioca pearls and melon)
    • Thai chilled coconut soup with tapioca pearls, fresh melon and shaved ice
*Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate guests that do not eat: soy, wheat/gluten, peanuts, chicken, pork, egg and seafood.
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Pizza from Scratch: Kitchen Party

Bring your friends. Bring your colleagues. Bring some wine. Learn to make Pizza from Scratch at our Pizza Cooking Class!

You’ll learn to make classic pizza dough and sauces to dress your pizzas, at home using your own oven. You’ll learn that with a great dough base, and then creatively preparing the toppings of choice you will be able to mix and match to make your own favorite combination.

Learn how to properly use your oven, a pizza stone, and pizza peel to get great results. This Pizza Cooking class is a springboard to throwing the best pizza parties ever!

In this lively, hands-on class, we will learn to:

  • Use a pizza stone and pizza paddle
  • Make pizza dough from scratch
  • Create the following sauces:
    • marinara
    • pesto
    • bechamel
  • Mix and match to create your own custom pizza
    • Here are some of the toppings we may have on-hand:
      • Oven roasted tomatoes
      • Grilled zuchinni, onions, and peppers
      • Marinated mushrooms
      • Crispy pepperoni chips
      • Zesty arugula
      • Smokey cheese
      • Fresh pineapple
      • Grilled ham

And for dessert, we will also learn to make Zeppole with Caramel Masala Sauce!

  • Zeppola are sweet Italian fritters which we will dip them in a rich, caramel sauce for extra decadence.


Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate guests with gluten/wheat restrictions.

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Vietnamese at Home

In our Vietnamese Cooking Class you’ll learn that vibrant Vietnamese cooking is created by using fresh ingredients, minimal use of dairy and oil, complementary textures, and plenty of vegetables. Fresh herbs, such as ginger, lemongrass, coriander, and Thai basil are combined with spices and meats to create satisfying, healthy food.  The recipes have been borrowed/adapted from the Slanted Door cookbook….as well as, approved by a Vietnamese Grandmother. We have also included modern vegetarian options, which are equally delicious. This is basically the Vietnamese version of a North American soup and sandwich combo. Join us to learn how to cook fantastic Vietnamese food, at home in our Vietnamese Cooking Class!

  • Chicken Pho with Crispy Shallots
  • Miso Pho with Ginger and Mushroom
  • Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce
  • Bahn Mi Sandwich with Mama’s Pork Meatballs and Momo’s Vegetarian Mushroom Balls

*Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate guests that do not eat eggs, or vegetarian guests that do not eat mushrooms, as an alternative to meat.

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Ramen Noodles for All!: Kitchen Party

Few things are a satisfying as a warm and nourishing noodle soup! Learn to make these base recipes in our Ramen Cooking Class and then make it your own with your favourite garnishes! These two broths are meant to be healthier alternatives to a traditional pork broth, but still packed full of satisfying umami flavours by using traditional broth methods. In our Ramen Cooking Class we will also make a load of garnishes, and send you off with a wide array of ideas to make your noodle soup your own personal signature.

  • Chicken & Kombu broth (demonstrated-only)
  • Vegetarian Miso mushroom broth
  • Handmade Ramen noodles
  • Tasty classic garnishes include:
    • braised daikon
    • pickled shiitakes mushrooms
    • marinated tofu
    • marinated 6 minute eggs
    • miso chicken thigh

This class can easily adapt to a vegetarian or vegan diet, please make note upon registration.

*Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate guests that do not eat wheat/gluten or soy.

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Chopped Victoria - hands-on and demonstration

In this deliciously fun class format you will go head to head against others in your group and create delicious appies using mystery ingredients. The best appetizer will be safe, but the other will be chopped. Do you have what it takes to go up against your peers, friends or family? The bonus…you’ll have Cook Culture Victoria’s Chef Andrew to take pointers and advice from to help your appetizer make the cut. Delicious mystery ingredients may include…

  • Cod, Mussels, Tuna
  • Chorizo, Chicken Breast
  • Cheddar, Fresh Goat Cheese, Manchego
  • Black beans, Kidney Beans, Red Lentils
  • Cashews, Pumpkin Seeds, Walnuts
  • Avocado, Leeks, Potatoes, Sweet Peppers

Chef Andrew will then prepare one of these menus for your group:

NOTE: Due to time restrictions, the entire group must chose the same menu.

1) Mushroom and Goat Cheese stuffed Chicken thighs with quick roasted shallot pan sauce 

Served with:

  • creamy mashed potatoes
  • roasted root vegetables
  • caramelized butternut squash purée


2) Slow Roasted Salmon with lemon dill beurre blanc

Served with:

  • blistered green beans with a hazelnut vinaigrette
  • roasted baby new potatoes

Dessert for both

  • French Apple Cake
    • A rich and creamy custard base with a cake top, studded with sweet apple and flavoured with dark rum

*Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate guests that do not eat wheat/gluten dairy, or eggs. There are nuts used in the salmon menu, which can be eliminated if we are given notice.

Please confirm the number of vegetarians in your party, upon registration, and we will confirm an alternative menu for those guests.

This class format has a maximum capacity of 16 guests. Note: the menu may be adjusted slightly based upon seasonality of produce.

Add-on for an additional $10/guest: Charcutterie Platter – Fine Meats with a trio of accoutrements: Garlic Rosemary Marinated Goat Cheese, Rustic White Bean Dip with Roasted Pepper and Almond Feta Dip. For a vegetarian platter, the meats can be replaced with marinated roasted vegetables.

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The Fine Print:

The standard price for any private party is $1250 (+tax) for the first 10 people and $95 (+tax) per person after that. The minimum charge for a private event is $1250 (+tax). The 3-hour event, which typically runs from 6-9pm, includes the chef, food costs, and staff. Any beverages would need to be supplied by you, for a self-service bar. If you prefer bar service (we serve you), we would need to take out a special occasion license, at an additional cost to you. Groups larger than 20 guests, will require additional rentals. Please call us at 778-769-1978 or email us at:, to find out more!

Private Party Cancellation Policy:

  • A 50% deposit is required at time of booking, and is fully refundable up to 30 days before your event. The balance is due 48 hours prior to your event.
  • Half of the deposit is refundable, up to 14 days before your event. The deposit is non-refundable less than 14 days prior to your event.
  • If you need to change the date of your event you may do so once, for free, up to 14 days before your event. Any additional date changes will have a $100 charge. We are sorry, but we cannot accommodate date changes less than 14 days prior to your event.
  • Final number of guests is required 48 hours before your event (with no changes allowed following this time - if a guest is unable to attend within this period, please send somebody in their place)
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