Plant-Based Eating: What’s It All About?

Vegetarians, Vegans, Raw Eaters – the world of eating can be confusing.

We’ve listed our top tips for becoming a Plant-Based Eater and explain why it’s something everyone, from meat-eaters to vegans, can get on board with.

What is Plant-Based Eating?

The concept comes from caring about and being aware of what you’re putting into your body, but most specifically how such choices affect the environment and living beings. This means that anyone can become a plant-based eater, no food groups have to be cut out of your diet but higher quality products are used in place. You can make a real difference in your own life, as well as making a difference to the world.

Is it a healthy way to eat?

Yes – not only can a plant-based diet prevent chronic diseases, it’s delicious, environmentally sustainable and an all round feel-good lifestyle change. 

So I can still eat meat?

Yes – you can still enjoy your favourite juicy burger or chicken risotto but ensure you’re always using high quality animal products, like grass-fed meats and wild fish. Spend a little more on choosing ethically raised and eat a little less, say 2-3 portions a week. 

Plants come first

Try centering your meals around plants instead of around meat. Veggies are equally as filling as meat when done properly. You can also round meals out with whole grains like cous cous, quinoa, and beans.

Less is more

Metro Vancouver alone, throws out 13,000 tonnes of healthy, edible food every year. With plant-based eating, less is definitely more, aim to eat seasonally and source locally, whilst being aware of your food wastage. 

Why now?

As we are exposed to more documentaries and scientific reports on the cost of human eating on the environment and planet, a tipping point for this style of eating is upon us. Focusing on mostly unprocessed and raw, plant-based food, will benefit you greatly, recharging your body, whilst giving it a break from digesting cooked, heavy foods.

For your health, the environment, or even the animals, there are a lot of reasons to start eating a plant-based diet.

Take a look at some of our upcoming plant-based classes and events here

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