What is Culture Club?

The Culture Club is the Cook Culture loyalty program.
We reward our most loyal customers with an exclusive points program, our very best prices and offers, special services (did someone say “free knife sharpening”?), and high-value information like video support for classes and how to’s. We continue to provide the best service we can and keep our goods priced well for the general public, but our best offers will be reserved for our Culture Club members.

How the program works:

The Culture Club is all about rewarding you for choosing to shop with us.

  • Earn 2% for every one dollar you spend at Cook Culture
  • Redeem your credit off any purchase
  • Take advantage of our Free Knife Sharpening program
  • There is no card to carry — when you are making a transaction, simply let us know you are a Cook Culture member and we will do the rest

Free Knife Sharpening

The #1 most coveted offer of our loyalty program

As part of The Culture Club, you are welcome to bring in any 2 non-serrated kitchen knives at a time, no matter what brand they are, or where you got them from, to be sharpened for free!

How do you join?

Make a purchase. It's as easy as that