Choosing a brewing method

The concept of making coffee is simple. Roast green coffee beans, grind them up, put them in hot water, wait, strain, drink. 

This is a ridiculously simplistic way to explain the process but it is the fundaments. To improve the end product you can change all of the steps. If you buy specialty coffee, the roaster choses beans from special farms and the roast the beans until they get just the flavour they are looking for.

Then you get to chose the type of coffee you want to make and this will determin the type of equipment you need and how your beans should be ground.

The most popular type of brewing are:

Pour-over: This is a methodical process that is proven to brew a superior cup of coffee. Here is a video that explains the process: 

Drip: This is the most widely used method in North America and it’s the most basic way to brew a good cup of coffee. Coffee is ground to a medium fine setting and then boiling water is poured overtop, through a filter. This is the method for making a ‘pot of coffee’.  

French Press: This is the absolute easiest way to make coffee. Medium ground beans into a pot of just boiled water and let to steep for a few minutes. Strain and drink.

Esspresso: This is the mosty complex was to make coffee however is can be argued that espresso is the absolute best. Done well, the flavour and fat of the beans are realeased and the result is a rich and extramly flavourful small dense coffee. This is the basis to all of the most popular specialty coffees, like latte, cappuccino, americano, aflagato, and the like. Espresso can be made manually, on the stove top, or automatically, using a plugged in electrical machine. Every fancy coffee shop in the world uses this method for its base coffee.