Jed Grieve

Everything we do at Cook Culture is to help you have more fun in the kitchen, eat better, be healthier, enjoy time with family, friends and food, and connect with the people who grow and make what you eat. We’ll help you find the right kitchen equipment, help you improve your kitchen skills, and learn about fresh, seasonal foods and local producers.

Our Story

I started in the kitchen from a young age, with my fondest memories of my mother cooking large vegetarian feasts on sunny Sunday afternoons. I'm sure she cooked when it rained, but I just don't remember.

Now that I'm a Dad, I take what we eat very seriously. Building on the core values that my mother instilled in me, we live a whole food, plant based lifestyle. This means that we choose plants above all else and do our best to not eat processed food. This does not mean that we do not eat cookies or have chocolate once in a while. It means that we believe that our best opportunity to live the healthiest and longest life is to eat primarily plants, exercise every day, sleep lots, play, laugh and drink water all day long.

We believe that each individual needs to eat what is best for themselves and that it's not our place to preach that our lifestyle is better than another. We love to promote healthy cooking and make a lot of our recipes with only plants but other food can easily be added to any recipe we make.

We sell simple gear that supports our simple lifestyle. We're big believers in 'less is more' and you may find this strange, but we would rather sell you nothing, and teach you how to use something you have, like a knife or you grandmother's cast iron pan! That said, if we are going to sell you something then we will try to make it the best quality we can find in hopes that you only need to buy it once.

Please reach out to me if you ever need anything.

Thanks. Jed