More non-stick cooking, without the nonstick coating

I have a tendency to go on and on about non-stick coatings and I realise why: I’m repenting.

I spent the first decade or so of my career through the 90’s ignorantly selling all kinds of coated products and never asked what was in the coating. All I knew is that people only wanted non-stick and we had what they wanted – easy deal. Non-stick cookware was the answer for almost anyone (at the time) to do away with heavy, greasy, ugly, cast iron cookware. First relegated to the bottom drawer of the stove and then sold for 2 bux in a garage sale (try buying one these days! ha!!). It was a time of microwaves and instant cereal. Life was busy, both parents were working (for those that still had married parents) and speed was a premium, so if the pan was better, great!

Fast forward a few decades and un/fortunately I know a lot more about what was/is in coated kitchenware. I did my research, challenged my suppliers and made a decision to completely eliminate all coated cookware and bakeware from our inventory.  My post, or admission, is not about bashing the companies that did, and do continue to sell coated products. I know that there is more that enough scientific, fact based, information easily available for anyone to make sense of the chemicals that are used to make non-stick coatings. What I would like to talk about every day, to anyone that cares, is what are good alternatives. We believe that if there is a better choice, why not take it? And this is not a choice between diet coke over original coke – this is coke vs.water.

Using naturally non-stick cookware is simple, safe and works perfectly. The trick is seasoning – which is a process, no doubt. Some pans come pre-seasoned, like Lodge Cast Iron, but most do not and need some work to get great. We’ve just made some quick and simple de Buyer videos that show how easy it can/should be to start out and maintain your cookware. These videos may not tell the entire story so please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll help you through the process. We’ll happy walk you through the step by step process of seasoning and maintaining your cookware. We’re confident that once you get the swing of cookware that your grandparents easily used, you will be a happier, and maybe healthier, home cook.

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