Meet Our New Lonsdale House Chef – Christina Erdman

I’m so excited to announce the arrival of Chef Christina Erdman, to our Lonsdale kitchen! She spent the last 10 years working her way through the ranks of Burgoo, where she was in charge of their entire chef training and support program. She is a natural teacher with a contagiously positive personality. Born and raised on the North Shore, Christina is excited to be supporting her community through education.

She took some time out from her busy teaching schedule for me to ask her a few quick questions on what gets her out of bed in the morning.


Jed: What made you want to be a cook?

Christina: My education in cooking started at a very young age, watching and learning from my grandmother. Her ability and passion for doing even the most simplest items instilled in me not only the fundamentals of cooking but how food does not have to be complex and difficult, it just needs to contain love. As a young girl, I wanted to be a vet but as time when on I was spending most of my free time in the kitchen. One day my brother suggested that I look into cooking, so I did. 

Jed: What inspires you?

Christina: Family. And working with my hands. 

Jed: What’s your hobby?

Christina: Fishing, hiking, reading, woodwork, and baking.

Jed: What is your favourite type of cooking?

Christina: French and Spanish – lively flavours, great ingredients, simply made.

Jed: If you could meet any chef – alive or dead?

Christina: Auguste Escoffier

Jed: What is the most underrated cooking trend?

Christina: Simple home cooking.

Jed: If you could change one thing in the food system what would it be?

Christina: Eliminate chemical preservatives. 

Jed: What are you favourite items in the kitchen?


Pan: 10″ de Buyer Fry Pan

Knife: 7″ Artisan Rocking Santoku

Tool: All Clad Multi-Cooker


We welcome you to explore all the great classes that Christina is running. Check out her profile here



2 responses to “Meet Our New Lonsdale House Chef – Christina Erdman

    1. Hi, Christina has moved on. We have a fantastic new instructor at our Lonsdale location named Nicole. She’s doing a great job and is getting amazing reviews. Hopefully you will give her a try soon!


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