Making Healthyish Summer Berry Tarts with my Vitamix A3500

I love to search around for tasty recipes to make in my Vitamix. I use my machine to help me with nearly every meal that I cook at home but being I sell them, and love to tell people how great they are, I’m always looking to do more with my machine to show off the wide range of food that you can create with a Vitamix – beyond a smoothie.

I came across this super simple plant-based tart/cheesecake recipe on the Food Network. I was impressed with how easy it looked to make and thought that anyone could do it, if they have the right gear – no skills involved. It’s plant based (lots of nuts), dairy free and GF, which works well in my family.

Making the crust

Using the Breville Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor, I simply added all the crust ingredients and blended them until I had a finely ground, sticky, solid mass, which I then divided evenly and pressed into the tart shells and baked (I wasn’t that concerned with them being raw). The recipe didn’t call to grease the tart shells, which I found out would have been a good idea – so, grease your shells with Coconut Butter. Once baked, they went into the freezer to cool.


What really drew me to this recipe was that I could use a bunch of seasonal berries and fruit in a ‘not too bad for you’ dessert. We eat (or drink) berries everyday of the year as I’m a big believer in their impact on my family’s health.  Why? Read on.

Strawberries from Dan’s Farm in Saanich

Making the filling with my Vitamix

The most decadent part of this recipe is the Cashew Cream (Cheesecake) center. It’s super rich, and super tasty. Making the filling couldn’t be easier, as long as you’ve soaked your cashews for long enough.

The filling is quite runny once blended but that’s normal when using a Vitamix. The blades spin so fast that you could cook the contents of whatever you’re making if you leave it too long. Because of this it’s important to not over-blend and where the preset settings of the Vitamix A3500 or Vitamix A2500 come in handy – set it and forget it. These are buttons on the Vitamix A3500 or on the dial of the Vitamix A2500, which allow you to set the machine to run for a preset time and speed for perfect results. I poured the smooth creamy filling into the cooled (important) shells and set back into the freezer to set.


Once the shells and filling where frozen, I transferred them to the fridge to thaw, but stay solid. To serve I just added the berry mixture. Perfect summer treat.

Almond, Pecan, Cashew Cheesecake topped with Ruby Red Blueberries,
Dan’s Farm Strawberries and Okanagan Cherries

It’s hard not to gush over my Vitamix. The machine is so versatile and has become indispensable in my kitchen. I make smoothies every morning and my children make their own smoothies as snacks in the afternoon. We make hummus, cashew cream, pesto, pasta sauce, school friendly seed butter, and loads more.

We carry 3 different types of the Vitamix Ascent Series Blender. The Ascent is the top-of-the-line from Vitamix, which is sold through gourmet type retailers. This means you won’t find this series at Costco.

My personal favourite is the Vitamix A3500 for it’s ease of use (which now comes in Copper!). I can quickly push a preset button and keep working in the kitchen. This may seem like a minor thing but when I’m working fast to get breakfast or dinner on the table, one less thing to think about helps. As I pointed out above, the Vitamix will heat anything if left too long. This is a great feature for soups, but not smoothies.

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