Tasty Tacos

  • Crispy Cod Surfside Taco

    • with Avocado Smash, Pickled Red Onion & Jalapenos on home-made corn tortillas

  • Baked Cumin Potato & Pinto Taco

    • with Sal y Limon Purple Cabbage, Roasted Tomato Salsa with feta cheese and sour cream on home-made corn tortillas

  • Dark Chocolate Avocado Mexican Truffles

Chop & Wok

  • Mini Banh-mi Sub Sandwich – Wok-fried chili-garlic broccoli, mushrooms and tofu, Pickled Red Onion, Shredded Carrots, Buttery-Spicy Sunflower ‘Paté’ on a Pillowy Mini Baguette, Garnished with Fresh Cilantro, Salad Greens and Sweet & Spicy Sauce
  • Light and Fresh Spring Rolls of buttery Avocado, Sweet Red Peppers, Cucumbers and Salad Greens rolled in Rice Paper ‘wraps’ and dipped in downright delicious Sweet-Tamari Dipping Sauce
  • Creamy & Sweet Dairy-Free Coconut Seasonal Fruit Parfait


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