Chef Russell Cameron

According to Russell, food is the fabric of life.  He believes that food is the best way to connect people with each other. His passion for healthy, simple and delicious cooking is contagious.  Russell loves sharing food-related stories, riddles and history.  Teaching cooking classes at Cook Culture Lonsdale is the perfect way for him to feel purposeful.

Russell is a graduate of ITHQ’s Professional Cooking Program (Montreal, QC) and has cooked at Vancouver’s acclaimed Fable Kitchen, Aphrodite’s Cafe and Bandidas Taqueria.  He is overjoyed to be teaching at Cook Culture.  In addition to his Vancouver restaurant experience, he has worked in some of Montreal’s most reputable restaurants (Decca 77, Alep Restaurant and Rumi Restaurant).  Russell’s culinary training is influenced by contemporary French, Rustic Italian, Middle Eastern and West Coast.  He has also has a deep appreciation for plant-based foods.

When he is not teaching cooking classes, Russell loves to be in nature. Amongst other outdoor adventures, running ultra-Marathons helps him balance his busy urban lifestyle.

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