Chef Rachel Lovick

Naturally wild at heart, Rachel turned her tumultuous teenage years into an unstoppable passion for the culinary arts. Born and raised in East Vancouver, she completed the kitchen training program at the now-closed Picasso Café. After abandoning her apprenticeship with Chef Karen Barnaby (Stanley Park’s The Fish House), she took her apron on the road, working in kitchens as far away as Newfoundland. It was when she returned to Vancouver that she found a kitchen she could call home at Aphrodite’s Organic Café and Pie Shop in Kitsilano. In her ten years at Aphrodite’s, Rachel had gone from working as morning cook, baking bread and muffins, to running the show as the Executive Chef. During her time at Aphrodite’s, Rachel worked with Tina Fineza (Lumiere, Diva at the Met, The Flying Tiger), and would often be found alongside some of Vancouver’s top Chef’s including David Gunawan (The Farmer’s Apprentice) and Andrea Carlson (Burdock and Co).

Rachel then brought her passion and knowledge to the youth at BrainBoost, where she continues to teach and develop foods classes. Since leaving Aphrodite’s in 2017, Rachel has worked with various businesses including famed plant-based pizzas pioneers, Virtuous Pie, as well as, nutrition and adaptogen focused, Nectar Juicery. Devoted to the farm-to-table movement and sustainable food systems, she is an expert at sourcing and preparing local and organic vegetables and meats. Whether you’re gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian or vegan, Rachel has a recipe just for you.

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