Khalil Akhtar

Khalil Akhtar is an award-winning radio journalist for the CBC – his weekly food column appears on CBC radio programs across the country.  Whether it’s the growing taste for wine in China, or how marmite shortages affect New Zealanders, Khalil takes a weekly look at how the food we eat shapes the lives we lead.  He also examines trends facing cuisines: from haute cuisine to home cooking, and slow food to fast food, as our “food-ways” evolve to meet modern demands.  In 2010, Khalil was the host of a national food program, The Main Ingredient, which focused on the overlooked stories behind the food on our plates.

Khalil’s grew up learning the varied traditional techniques of Indian cuisine beside his mother, grandmothers, and an extended community of Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi expats.  With one foot firmly rooted in the cuisines of South Asia, Khalil spent time working in several professional kitchens during his student years in New Brunswick.  He brings to Cook Culture decades of experience in Indian cuisine, and plenty of context to one of the world’s oldest and most complex culinary traditions.

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