Chef Cosmo Meens

Co-creator of Mo:lé Restaurant, Café Bliss, The Hot and Cold Cafe and FreshCoast Health Food Bar, Cosmo currently has stepped away from the day to day operations of running restaurants after 15 years and operates FoodCraft Consulting, from home.

Cosmo has been featured in Western Living, Eat, Boulevard, Monday, Vancouver Sun and the Times Columnist. He has travelled to Hawaii and Arizona working in raw food retreats; as well as, being the Executive Sous- Chef at Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, Arizona, two years in a row. He travelled to Beijing with Simon Whitfield and the Canadian Olympic triathlete team as their team Chef for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Cosmo has been teaching at Cook Culture for over 8 years. He has taught a wide spectrum of classes including Soups and Stocks… Grains and Legumes… Knife Skills… Gluten Free Baking… Master your Bamix… Master your Vitamix… Pizza from Scratch… Pasta Fundamentals… Thai Basics… Vietnamese at Home… Foods that Fight Cancer… Greek Favourites and Fermented Foods.

Team Building Workshops, Black Box Challenges, Staff Christmas Parties and Athletic Performance Workshops are among the different styles of classes Cosmo instructs.

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