Chef Taryn Makinen

After working for several years in patisseries and bakeries in Vancouver, Taryn made the move to Victoria. It was upon moving, she developed her passion for and became involved in, food security initiatives and local food economy concerns. Through instructing classes with a community kitchen it became clear to Taryn just how much cooking or baking together creates a special bond. It was through this experience she came to believe the kitchen table is the heart of the home, it’s where one builds community, explores creativity and shares love and memories over food. For Taryn, there is nothing better than to share her knowledge and her baking with those around her. She strives to create a supportive, relaxed and joyful space for people to learn how to bake, gain confidence in their abilities, ask questions and be creative. Taryn is a big believer that anyone of any age can bake and sometimes it means diving in the deep end and getting a bit messy. Taryn wouldn’t be the person she is today if it weren’t for all the memories she created in the kitchen with family and friends; it is this experience she strives to share with others.

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