Chef Nicole Harshey

Honest and genuine, relatable and gentle – Chef Nicole Harshey approaches cooking the same way she approaches her life – with passion and sincerity. The smell of sourdough starter, the hot, sweet steam billowing off a tray of freshly baked cookies, the pop and crackle of a fireplace on a cool winter day… these are the things that rocket Chef Nicole into her personal heaven – and she wants to share that heaven with as many people as possible.

Alberta born and raised, Nicole spent her childhood summers on the family farm – learning from her Aunts and Uncles as she watched them harvest and prepare the fresh produce required for their traditional Ukrainian dishes. Whether it was her family’s home cooking, or the multitude of cultural cuisines that influenced the area, Nicole fell in love with food at a young age, and as the years go by, her love continues to grow.

Chef Nicole moved to Vancouver in 2010 and quickly fell in love with the cuisine of the city. Since then she has devoted herself to developing new recipes that push the boundaries of sustainability, health, and gastronomic delight. A Pastry Chef by education, Chef Nicole loves to reinvent classic sugary treats with plant-based alternatives and is always looking for new ways to include locally sourced, vegan-friendly ingredients into her recipes.

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