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Chef Megan Bermand

A lifetime of travel and adventure is a dream to many of us, but for Megan, it was a lifestyle.

“I spent many years traveling to different places, exploring cultures and cuisines; my aim is to bring the best of each world to my cooking classes”, explains Megan. And that is exactly what she offers. An innovative fusion of fresh tastes and spices.

Beachy Australia, Mediterranean Turkey, European Germany, beautiful Dubai, and her own Persian origin among others all combine to bring you a variety of dishes that challenge tradition, exceed expectations, and respect your budget.

Her signature? A variety of rice dishes, made from long-grain basmati rice, saffron, and a unique blend of nuts, beans, and herbs. “Rice is a staple of Persian meals, so I like to showcase a variety of these flavors, in a healthy and tasty way” says Megan

As former chef/owner of Tulip Cafe (Victoria) and Shiraz Restaurant (Toronto), plus chef training in Iran, Chef Megan is sure to teach you numerous tips and tricks to creating a tasty, healthy meal!


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