Chef Mackenzie Bergmann

Chef Mackenzie Bergmann is a Calgary local new to the North Shore with a drive to educate
and inspire with his food while showing his pupils that food should be fun, good for you, and
absolutely tantalizing. Born into a family of hospitality he knew at a young age that nothing could
bring people closer together than food and the experience of feeding your soul with others. He
believes that everyone should have a connection to what they are eating, why they are eating it,
and what it can do to benefit their bodies. Chef Mackenzie wants to create a future of healthy
and sustainable eating through locally sourced ingredients with a focus on plant-based dishes.

Chef Mackenzie’s humble beginnings started in a small restaurant in northern Alberta where he
was a dishwasher and took off after a few months when he was promoted into a leadership role
amongst the other line cooks. As his passions grew he then began work at a fine dining
establishment in Calgary, River Cafe, where he worked with a handful of local farmers and
sustainable butcheries. This is where his specialized work with plant based foods began to
flourish, and he took his talents into skills competitions as well as other high-class
establishments such as Relais & Chateaux, Teatro and the Calgary Petroleum Club.

With almost a decade of experience under his apron, Chef Mackenzie is ready to take B.C by
the peaches and further his journey to inspire others and make good food attainable. Through
expressing his passions for plant based cooking, fermentation, and bread making, Chef
Mackenzie hopes to help feed your soul and bring love to your table year round.

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