Chef Janice Ha

A Vancouver born and raised chef, Janice’s culinary journey has been nearly twenty years in the making. Classically trained in fine French cuisine, she became hungry to experience first-hand the colourful bouquet of international flavours. Her travels offer a unique spin and influence her dishes.

Janice feels that if the kitchen is the heart of the home, then her purpose in life is to help people connect through delicious and nutritious food. Her mission to nourish the body and soul will allow you to create well balanced meals with love. An expressive way she pays respect to her cause is by bearing the tattoo “feed your soul.” 

When she’s not cooking up a storm, you can find Janice off trekking the trails of Patagonia or perhaps roaming the local farmers market somewhere in Europe. Janice’s southeast Asia adventures inspired her to compliment her cooking with other healing body modalities such as Reiki and yoga, and she spent her time volunteering in a vegetarian kitchen at a health and wellness community in Thailand. Most recently, she embarked on a five day silent meditation retreat, nestled high amongst the breathtaking mountains of a tea plantation in Sri Lanka. As Janice continues to enjoy discovering more ways to embody wholesome food, she is also excited to join Cook Culture and share her passion with you!

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