Chef Heather Dosman

With a love of traveling and a passion for all things food related, Heather has developed a wide array of skills through her travels and work. She believes that immersing yourself in the food identity of any area of the world is the key to understanding culture and way of life. Through working with many chefs of very diverse nationalities she has a skill set for many different styles of food and the cultural knowledge from her travels.  Heather has pursued many different avenues of culinary education, holding a Red seal certificate she has also pursued courses, stages and work in bread making, cheese making, beekeeping, permaculture, wildcrafting/foraging, raw food, vegetarian/vegan, gluten free/specialty diets, butchery, charcuterie and many different cultural styles of food. This thirst for knowledge and different skill sets is what makes her classes such a fun time!
Her goal is to create community and help people learn how to cook from the heart by creating engaging cooking classes, secret supper clubs and pop up events. Through food she hopes to bring people together in inclusive and positive environments to nourish themselves and the people that surround them. By encouraging people to really think about what and why they eat what they do, she hopes to help everyone be happy, healthy and have fun!

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