Chef Aaron Lobo

Chef Aaron Lobo was born and raised in Toronto where his culturally diverse upbringing inspired his love for cooking at a young age. He grew up eating his mother’s traditional East Indian dishes such as Dahl and Channa Masala, as well as curries his Kenyan father would spend hours preparing. He was 17 when he decided to pursue his passion of cooking by enrolling in one of Canada’s most renowned culinary schools, George Brown College.

Chef Lobo studied under a C.I.A. (Culinary Institute of America) trained Chef for three and a half years, during which time he learned the art of classic French and Italian cuisines. Upon completion of culinary school, he travelled to Portugal, Spain, and Morocco to continue to expand his knowledge base and seek inspiration from other cultures

In 2011 Chef Lobo returned home to take a Junior Sous Chef position at Toronto’s Farmhouse Tavern restaurant. Farmhouse is a farm to table, blackboard-menu restaurant that showcases the rich agricultural bounty that Ontario has to offer. It was here that he fell in love with curing and preserving local, ethically raised and cultivated meats and vegetables. During this period in his career, Chef Lobo also spent time volunteering in Canada and the United States to promote the agricultural awareness program, “Farmers Feed Cities”; a campaign that celebrates the importance of local food and the farmers who grow it.

Chef Lobo worked diligently under his mentor for three and a half years until he ready to spread his wings again and seek out new experiences. He moved to Montreal and spent a year working in the kitchen at the internationally acclaimed Joe Beef restaurant group. This proved to be the challenge he was looking for and what ultimately gave him the confidence, skill set, and knowledge to take the leap and operate his own kitchen at Il Castello. Chef Lobo views his kitchen as a hub to create, train, dream, and grow to make a difference, one quality dish at a time.

Regardless of how far he travels or how many cuisines he practices, Chef Lobo stays true to the belief that food is what brings people together. He hopes to inspire his students the same way his parents inspired him with the confidence to prepare delicious home cooked meals for loved ones

“All you need is patience and dedication; the flavours will follow” -Chef Aaron Lobo

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