How we combat the flu – any flu.

The world is rightfully gripped by the latest novel virus that developed in China. Over history, these types of events have killed 10’s of millions, and unfortunately most of these people were the very poor, the very young and the very old. Even before this latest outbreak, thousands of Canadians die each year from flu related complications – specifically respiratory issues.

With this in mind, we will continue to operate as usual. We enforce a strict hand washing policy at cooking classes and sanitise all surfaces and equipment. We will be extra vigilant in the coming months with hand washing, including after touching your phone, and ask anyone that is showing flu like symptoms to stay at home. You are always welcome to send someone in your place if you have passed the 48 hour cut off.

As a family, with school age children, we approach the threat of any flu with a solid offence. Dr. Joel Fuhrman has just released a quick video where he explains the best approach to fighting the flu. He’s also made this handy infographic.

If you have any other questions about our cooking class cancellation policies please refer to Q & A here.

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