How I Get The Most Out Of My Smoothie


I run, a lot.  It’s my thing

I run for many reasons – health, family, mental clarity, pride, comradery, and discipline.  I don’t usually set my goals on the first day of January every year, but I do get really concerned that I only have 365 days to cram in a whole bunch of fun running stuff. Which comes after being a Father, Husband, and business owner.

To exercise the way I do I need to fuel all the time, and I don’t always leave the time to prep my food exactly as I should, so I cheat by not always chewing all my food. Liquid food is amazing; drop a combination of whatever in a high powered blender and voila, food ready to go in the car, or on the bus.


Is Quick Liquid Food Too Good To Be True?

Liquid food is great, in theory, but I was kinda concerned. Does drinking smoothies give me the results I need, or is quick liquid food too good to be true? I’m also in an interesting position, as we sell Vitamix at Cook Culture, and advocate to people all day long about the benefits of having a high powered blender in the kitchen. It will solve all your problems! Well….probably not all of them, but it will prep your food extremely well, and quickly. But I was more concerned about smoothies, and less about the nutritional makeup of hummus or soup. I drink about 500 ml to 1L of smoothies every day, and that is just what I make at home. I usually buy 3 or 4 out and about during the week on top. So, let’s just say I like smoothies.

Are smoothies my silver bullet? Are they giving me what I need or should I be making the right amount of time to eat more whole food, that I must chew? Being what I ask of my aging body, I thought it only fair to stop being ignorant and find a good source to help me understand if I’m getting it right, or not, and what is the best way to make a smoothie.


Here’s What I’ve Discovered About Smoothies

Through my research, I came across an incredible resource. I found an organization called Nutrition Facts, which is a strictly non-profit, science-based, public service run by Dr. Michael Greger. His website, which is heavily biased to the extreme benefit of a plant-based diet, has some of the best fact-based information on the cost-benefit of drinking smoothies. There is a load of mind-blowing information on his site, and I highly recommend that you read his new book: How Not To Die.

In his Blog and Vlog, he goes into detail about how smoothies are good, and not good for you. We all have our own needs from what we eat so I will share what I learned for myself.

  1. I drink my smoothies WAY too fast. I drink them like my life depends on it and this must change. The issue is that my body in not made to absorb nutrients as fast as I put them in and I only get out a fraction of the benefit. So I’ve been wasting time, energy and money! I have started to drink a 500 ml smoothie over 5 minutes, instead of 15 seconds. Here’s the research.
  2. Get the mix right. Interestingly, there’s talk about the fructose from fruit in smoothies, as in a 100% fruit smoothie is just sugar, like pop. There is definitely a lot of sugar in a 100% fruit smoothies and they are not recommended unless as a gateway smoothie for your kids. However, the learning for me is that berries actually regulate the sugar being metabolized. The research shows that adding berries, and not just sugary fruit, will regulate the sugar being absorbed in the intestine and will reduce the insulin spike, and the subsequent hypoglycemic stage, that occurs with fruit juice. Here’s the research.
  3. Blending greens are really, really good for me. It looks like blending greens is the absolute best way to get the most from eating greens. The more, the better. Here’s the research.


So, to summarize my smoothie enlightenment: I’m definitely doing the right thing by drinking smoothies, but how I’m doing it is the issue. My New Year’s Resolutions? I’m going to slow down, always make sure I have berries (which I do, we buy and freeze at least 150 lbs of blueberries from Ruby Red Berry Farm every August) and pack all the greens in I can.

Happy New Year!



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