Giving Gift Cards and Cooking Classes made easy!

Gift cards for cooking classes and buying seats to Cooking Classes are a hugely popular gift however I’ve found that many people have good questions to make sure they get the right gift. So here I’m going to break down the two ways to buy a gift for your friends and family.

1. Gift Cards: These are just like any gift card, which is a loaded amount of money that can be used for anything we sell, including Cooking Classes. A gift card can be redeemed online, while booking a class or in store. Gift cards never expire and can be used at any location.

Pro: A Gift Card gives the recipient the choice to choose whatever they want. Easy

Con: At this time of year, many people get Gift Cards and then, later in January, go to book a class and are disappointed that the class they want is full until late March. 

2.  Booking a Class as a Gift: This is a more involved process as you are choosing the type of class and date for the recipients. If you want your people to take a certain class like, Thai or Plant Based, Baby Steps, then this is a good option.

Pro: The recipients get the class you want then to take and are guaranteed their seat. They can easily change the date or class, as long as there is space in the new class.

Con: It’s not as versatile as a Gift Card. You may not know what they are interested in. 

Gift Cards are the easiest but during Jan to March it can be harder to get the first class on the calendar. This isn’t a problem for many but if a Cooking Class in January is the goal then I would suggest booking the class as a gift (option 2). TO BE CLEAR HERE, CLASSES BOOK UP IN JAN/FEB AND PEOPLE GET DISAPPOINTED, SO BOOKING WILL LIMITED TEARS AND TEMPER TANTRUMS! 

Our Online Booking System – Giving a Class as a gift

 If you choose option #2, then you will either booking in store, or as most everyone does, you will book online. Our Cooking Class online booking system is the most comprehensive booking engine on the market. There are many variables when booking and our platform takes care of them all to simplify the process for you. 

When you book, your are the register. You can choose for the attendees to, or not to, receive communication from our automated service.  Add your name and email, and then the attendees. You must add a name but a phone number and email is optional. Please note, if the attendees are NOT receiving email or SMS communication then it is 100% up to you to forward the communication to them when we send it to you. After you gift the classes, you or the attendees can email or call to have the attendees contact information added to the booking. At the moment we do not have cards or handouts to give post class, but we have this on our workbench.

How to buy a Gift Card

This is nice and simple. Either come in the store or navigate here. On this page you can buy a Gift Card for specific denominations or for 1 2 and 3 cooking classes. You can choose to pick up the card or we can mail it for you with a note from you.

I hope this is helpful and thank you for putting your faith in us with your friends and family!

Let me know if you have any further questions. You can always contact us from the Support button on the right side of your screen.


Thanks. Jed

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