Get rid of your teflon, for good!

A year ago I wrote this blog which announced our first ever Fry Pan Trade in event. The reason behind this event was based on our position that Teflon type non-stick coatings are:

1. Toxic, and are harmful to you and your family. The distribution companies that sell Teflon type non-stick coated fry pans have NO IDEA if the chemicals that are used in the chemical coating are carcinogenic. They go with what they’re told by the manufacturer and that is where the problem is. Read this blog that I wrote in January 2016 that addresses this marketing issue and why companies get away with selling you toxic cookware.

2. Because all coated surfaces will wear out, within 1 to 10 years. Then the used toxic pans will end up in the landfill as leaching garbage. Nice.

We do not sell anything with a chemical coating and as far as I’m aware we’re the only kitchenware retailer to take this stance (I would LOVE to see more retailers go cold turkey).  And to be upfront and clear – we do not have an agenda here other than to get better for you cookware into your kitchen. We believe that we are all exposed to enough toxins in our day to day lives that we should remove any toxin(s) that we can. Also, I have zero trust in the manufacturers of Teflon type chemicals. I believe that they are as complicate as Tobacco companies of the last 50 years.  The truth is that DuPont, the maker of Teflon, knew that their original Teflon formula was carcinogenic but buried the truth in fear that they would loose market share, and shareholder confidence, and then their jobs. Because they basically wrote the American laws that regulates their industry, through money and influence, they can make pretty much whatever they want, and don’t have to tell anyone what they’re doing.

I am not waiting for more horrible news to be discovered that the new and improved Teflon formula is just as bad, or worse, than the original and I will not sell it just to make sales. No Perfluorooctanoic Acid and Polytetrafluoroethylene? Great! I mean, what?

I do not believe that is how we, as a community based retailer, and culinary educator, should support you.

So, we’re making it well worth your while to unload your coated pans. Once a year we partner with our fry pan suppliers and hold a big sale on all of our fry pans if you come in with one of your coated pans to trade in. Simple.

The BIG issue for people is clear: Uncoated pans stick, don’t they?  The answer is yes, and then no. Many Stainless Steel, Iron and Carbon Steel pans will stick if you do not prepare the pans to be non-stick. All pans can be “seasoned”. This is a process that takes a bit of effort and maintenance but is well worth it.  Check out this video to help you with the seasoning process:

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